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Release 2017 R4 download

FTP over TLS/SSL (or FTPS) component for .NET Framework.


July.2017 download

IP address to country, region, city, latitude, longitude and zip code.


2.10.3 download

A procedural programming language to help you with your work.

Rebex Secure Mail

Release 2017 R4 download

SMTP/SSL, IMAP/SSL, S/MIME, POP3/SSL component for .NET framework, C#, VB.NET.

PilotEdit Lite

10.6.0 download

An amazing file editor capable of editing large files

5 award


3.1.2 download

A rapid prototyping tool for faster, smarter and eaiser prototypes

Pacestar UML Diagrammer

6.48.2118 download

Professional easy to learn and use UML 2.0 diagram drawing tool

Basics for Visual Basic

1.00.26 download

Bit Manipulation Functions for Visual Basic.

MarshallSoft dBase AES Library

4.1 download

Visual dBase 256-bit AES encryption library


July.2017 download

IP address to country, net speed, ISP, domain, latitude, longitude and zip code.


6.0.322.5 download

Everything needed to View,Create and Manipulate Adobe PDF files efficiently.

5 award


1.3.1 download

An application developed for soft real-time systems

Qt Creator

4.3.1 download

A cross-platform integrated development environment

Window Detective

3.4.0 download

Monitor an application's window with this tool

MarshallSoft Visual Basic AES Library

4.1 download

C/C++ 256-bit AES encryption library


10.6.0 download

PilotEdit is a powerful file editor capable of opening files larger than 400GB.

5 award

Dynamic .NET TWAIN

7.1 download

TWAIN component based on .NET Framework 2.0, optimized for use in C# and VB .NET

MarshallSoft FoxPro AES Library

4.1 download

Visual FoxPro 256-bit AES encryption library


3.5 download

Java library integrating Microsoft IE into Java apps as Java Swing UI component

MatrixShow ActiveX

2.0 download

Shows the content of matrices, that are given as two-dimensional arrays.

Statistics ActiveX

1.0 download

Provides different basic statistical measures, for example the (co)variance.

DBImprove ActiveX

1.0 download

The ActiveX displays a form to get user input for all fields of database table.

Cisdem ContactsMate 4

4.0.0 download

Remove Duplicate Contacts, Make Group, Manage and Backup Contacts With Ease.


4.8.2 download

Distribute computations with this Python module

BlueJ Portable

4.1.0 download

An integrated Java environment specifically designed for introductory teaching