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uk restaurant database

1 download

A complete database of UK restaurants. UK restaurant database.

Anki for Mac

2.0.44 download

A program which makes remembering things easy

Anki for Linux

2.0.44 download

A program which makes remembering things easy


2.0.44 download

A program which makes remembering things easy

Any EBook Converter Free

4.4.1 download

Convert multiple eBooks in batch to any formats with fast speed.

Texts From Bernie Sanders

6.8.3 download

Received daily quotes from Senator Bernie Sanders

Texts From Trump

6.8.3 download

Get a new quote from Donald Trump every day

Texts From Jesus

6.8.3 download

Get daily text messages from Jesus Christ!

Texts From Founding Fathers

6.8.3 download

Get daily text messages from the Founding Fathers of the USA!

Texts From Oscar Wilde

6.8.3 download

Receive select quotes from Oscar Wilde every day.


10.0 download

Software suitable for chemistry,chemical engineering students and professionals.

TCF Email Miner

2.1 download

Get THOUSANDS of FREE leads within Minutes

MD5 Tool download

MD5 Tool is specializing in calculating and checking MD5 checksum for your file.

Cleantouch Khazain-ul-Hidayat (The Digital Quran) 2.0

2.0 download

Its a software application to read, listen and research within Al-Qur'an.


1.0 download

Docear is the solution for searching, organizing & creating academic literat

HandyCite download

Manage a bibliographic database using Microsoft Word 2007.

APA Referencing Macros

2.0 download

MS Word macros to automate the referencing of essays etc. written in APA style

Find Distance Between Multiple Latitude and Longitude Coordinates Software

7.0 download

Find the distance between one or more latitude and longitude coordinates.

Convert Multiple Area Codes To States or States To Area Codes Software

7.0 download

Convert area codes to states or states to area codes.


2.3.27 download

The Leader in Interactive 3D Human Anatomy Software


1.0 download

DMV. Official DMV program. Complete your Driver License application here.

Complete MPEP Edition 8 Revision 4

4.2.2 download

Entire MPEP edition 8 revision 4 as a single web-optimized searchable PDF

Famous Quote Search for FireFox/Chrome/IE

1.0 download

Search our user archive of thousands of famous quotations.


1.0 download

Lookup Chinese characters with Unicode

Google Penalties

1.0 download

A free E book about unwinding Google Penalities