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We're sorry. This software has been removed from the site and is no longer available for viewing.
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Suneido 110713 download

1 downloads this month
... The query language is based on the relational algebra language in An Introduction to Database Systems by C.J.Date. A New Add-on Facility In this article I describe a simple add-on system, initially developed for Suneido's code editor (Scintilla), but likely useful for other things as well. It ...
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Shareware, $29.00

ESBPDF Analysis - Probability Software 2.4.1 download

... Excel) give P(X less than A) and using algebra other results can be found whereas ESBPDF Analysis is Probability Analysis Software that handles all the combinations for you. Features include Binomial, Poisson, Hypergeometric, Normal, Exponential, Student t, Chi Squared, F, Beta and Lognormal Distributions; Inverses of Normal, Student t, Chi ...
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Calculator Prompter 2.7 download

Calculator Prompter is a math expression calculator. You can evaluate expressions like sin(cos(tan(pi)))#2%10^3 Calculator Prompter has a built-in error recognition system that helps you get correct results: - Paste operator here; - Paste number here; - Missing '('; - Missing ')'; - Unknown symbol ... etc. With Calculator Prompter you can ...
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Demo, $49.00

Matrix ActiveX Component 3.1 download

The Matrix ActiveX Component is a useful tool that can simplify the use of matrix operations for mathematical computations in application development. It provides for matrix operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, inversion, transpose, and computation of determinant, LU and Cholesky decompositions. Advanced edition additionally supports QR and Singular Value (SVD) ...
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Shareware, $5.99

PG Calculator (Second Edition) 2.2 download

... calculator on user desktop. PG Calculator works in Algebraic and RPN modes. It works with integer, real ... and exponential formats. Up to 90 build-in functions: algebraic, trigonometry, hyperbolic, logical, binary, numbers format convertions, units of measure conversions and statistical. PG Calculator contains list of commonly used mathematic, physic and chemical ...
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DeadLine 2.36 download

... very intuitive approach. Most equations are supported, including algebraic equations, trigonometric equations, exponential equations, parametric equations. DeadLine solves equations graphically and numerically. It displays the graph of the function and a list of the real roots of the equation. You can evaluate the function and the first two derivatives, find ...
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ResToXrd 1.0 download

... types are handled as well as most AT algebra (relative positioning). Bitmap families are the only major resource type not handled. This tool should make the transition from the gnu-tools tool chain to PODS quite simple. ...
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Commercial, $399.00

.NET Matrix Library 32-bit Developer 5.0 download

... .NET Matrix Library provides classes for object-oriented linear algebra in the .NET platform. It can be used to solve systems of simultaneous linear equations, least-squares solutions of linear systems of equations, eigenvalues and eigenvectors problems, and singular value problems. Also provided are the associated matrix factorizations such as Eigen, LQ, ...
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Shareware, $45.00

MathProf 4.0 download

... way. The program covers the areas Analysis, Geometry, Algebra, Stochastics,Vector algebra.MathProf helps Junior High School students with problems in Geometry and Algebra. High School and College students, seeking to expand ...
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Demo, $18.00

Linear Equations 1 download

... schools, but to be a help for the algebra students. Surely they will like to play with the software, and in the meantime they will learn in a unique way to resolve linear equations, which is an important part of mathematics. Linear equations are equations involving only one variable, like ...
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