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1.2.142 download

... on a unique technology of video inlay. Stripping models are shot in 4k UHD resolution in our own studios then their videos are processed by proprietary tools to be played ...

Turbo C++

3.0 download

... with the purchase of its CodeGear division in 2008. Turbo C++ 3.0 was released in 1991 (shipping on November 20), and came in amidst expectations of the coming release of ...


2016 download

... stability. Many of the parameters of the dynamic model can now be modified by the user. ... for virtual cockpits, used by Atlantis and Deltaglider models. Support for the TrackIR head tracking device is ...

Process Dashboard

2.3 download

... and has continued to evolve under the open-source model. It is freely available for download under the conditions of the GNU Public License. The Process Dashboard supports: * Data ...

Cutting Board Designer download

... unique pattern every time. Automatically Calculates the Height and Width of the cutting board based on the boards used. Generates a printer friendly build instruction list with specific ...


8 B2.0 Rev 7200 download

... the basis of its kinematic scheme and solid model. The possibility of machining simulation allows to optimize the processing technology according to criteria of labour intensity, tool life time, safety ...

Windows Snapshot Grabber

2017.9.109 download

... move window, change its left, top, width and height Set window as Topmost, stay on top Set window's transparency, change its alphablend Snap window or region, and snap it with ...


2016 B20170111 download

... Fitting, Contouring, and Triangulation operations produce Digital Elevation Model rasters (DEMs), contour lines, and triangulated irregular networks (TINs), respectively ... ...

New Version


13.5.1 download

... geocoding and inverse geocoding functions -Use digital terrain models to store and display elevation -Upload / download ... from GPS devices -Navigate in real time through NMEA protocol -Map tiling for handheld GPS -Display Google ...

New Version

Zend Studio

13.0.1 download

... is the support for the Git Flow branching model which is pretty commonly used among PHP developers. Installation as an Eclipse Plugin This new version of Zend Studio is ...

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