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We're sorry. This software has been removed from the site and is no longer available for viewing.

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Demo, $34.95

WLAN Expansion 2.0 download

WLAN Expansion functionality: -Detection of available wireless networks and adapters. -Connecting to the selected network, creating Ad-hoc networks. -Support for all encryption types: WPE, WPA, WPA-PSK, WPA2, WPA2-PSK. -Comprehensive wizards: -Start wizard: sets a network connection in several clicks. It helps you to connect to an existing Ad-hoc network or to create your own one. There are ...
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Shareware, $40.00

Maxidix Wifi Suite 14.09 download

Maxidix Wifi Suite is an unique and easy to use software that gives you a full control over Wi-Fi connections and provides a set of useful extra features. Wifi Suite key features: - Automatic connections to ad hoc networks. Since Windows Vista, it is impossible to connect to ad hoc networks or form a new ad hoc networks automatically. ...
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Shareware, $15.00

Maxidix HotSpot 14.09 download

Maxidix HotSpot is a great tool that will help you to turn your PC into a fully functional HotSpot. Host infrastructure network, share Internet, boost weak WI-FI signal, save money on paid Internet spots and more. Access Point Maxidix Hotspot will turn your computer with WI-FI adapter into a real Access Point. Host infrastructure ...
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Shareware, $19.99

Automatically Log WiFi Signal Strength Over Time Software 7.0 download

... solution to users who want to automatically log WiFi signal strength at specific intervals. The user chooses the required interval from a list: 30 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, etc. There is a button to stop the program running automatically ...
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maryfi 1.1 download

Maryfi is a free and easy to use virtual router software creator for Windows 7 , 8 and 8.1 computers. With Maryfi, users can wirelessly share any Internet connection: a cable modem, a cellular card, or even another Wi-Fi network. Other Wi-Fi enabled devices including laptops, smart phones, music players, ... gaming systems can see and join your Maryfi hotspot just like any other Wi-Fi access point and ...
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Commercial, $0.00

Air Mic Live Audio for iPhone/iPod Touch (Windows Version) 1.1 download

... about five seconds of delay depending on the network) captured from your PC or Mac's built-in microphone. ... a running PC or Mac at the monitored location, and you can listen to what is going on with Air Mic anywhere using 3G/WiFi network on your iPhone/iPod Touch. Features * Live audio ... audio input (mic or line-in). * Works with WiFi/3G with automatic connection. No configuration needed on most ...
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