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We're sorry. This software has been removed from the site and is no longer available for viewing.

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Shareware, $2.49

Maps Pro for Win8 UI Version 12 download

Maps Pro is the most advanced mapping application on the Windows 8 Store. Directions, Street View, geolocation, points of interest, custom styles and a powerful search engine in one application, available worldwide. Maps Pro allows you to change the style of your map, choosing from over 20 different styles and providers ...
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Google Map Add-On download

Provide a Map with Geo location information to end-user. Use windows 8’s feature to search current location. Improve the user experience for searching. User can also use windows 8’s search to find out the specific place. ... User can search the specific place by windows 8's default search system User can use the ...
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Shareware, $1.00

ModernMap download

The original and the best Google maps client for Windows 8. Beware of imitations! Unlike similar apps ModernMap does not display adverts or pester you for in app purchases! ModernMap a fantastic mapping application powered by Google Maps. Because we use Google Maps we can offer you the most amazing mapping ...
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ClockCompass download

... you are located in Norther than the Tropic of Cancer, just point your hour hand to the ... hour in order to help me find the directions as well as the current time when I ... Clock: display the time Compass: display the directions ...
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Maps App download

Maps App for Windows 8 is a service offering powerful, user-friendly mapping technology ... business information -- including business locations, and driving directions. ##This is not official Google Maps. ##Maps App uses Google Maps API. Features •Integrated business search results ... information all in one location, integrated on the map. •Draggable maps - Click and drag maps to ...
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NetCheck for Win8 UI download

WebToGo NetCheck is a free app to test the performance of your 3G, WiFi and LAN connections. It ... connection at any given time and the Quality of Service of your Networks in different locations. The data is displayed on a map for each spot where you've run the test. ...
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Work Notes Pro 1.0 download

More than a notes app, Work Notes Pro is the only all-in-one multimedia-recording app for Windows 8 devices. We improve collaboration in the cloud by offering a robust set of capabilities for video recording, photos & collages, audio recording, drawings, written notes, Bing Maps and . Work Note Pro makes it easier ...
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Commercial, $2.49

Radial Notepad download

... user now may move the mouse in one of 12 directions. As soon as (s)he clicks the right mouse ... which function to use, the menu checks all points on a thought line from the current cursor position to the center of the radial menu. If the line intersects an ...
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