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Webuzo for Webinsta Maillist

1.3e download

WEBinsta mailing list manager is built to provide a centralized mailing list

Webuzo for VX Guestbook

1.07 download

Allows you to add free guestbook to your site

Webuzo for Vty

1.6 download

Vty is a web-based database manager script written with Php. It's for Mysql.

Webuzo for PhpWiki

1.2.11 download

PhpWiki: a PHP WikiWikiWeb

Webuzo for PHPWeby

1.2 download

PHP Weby directory is a powerful and easy-to-use FREE link management script ...

Webuzo for phpSupport

5.2.1 download

phpSupport is your customer friendly trouble ticket system

Webuzo for phpShop

0.8.1 download

A Simple Shopping Cart

Webuzo for Trellis Desk

1.0.4 download

Trellis Desk is a powerful and robust help desk solution for your business.

Webuzo for phpOnline

2.1.3 download

phpOnline is a live customer support system

Webuzo for phpLD

2.2.0 download

The most widely used directory script on the internet

Webuzo for TaskFreak

0.6.4 download

TaskFreak! Original is a simple web based task manager

Webuzo for PHPKode Guestbook

1.0 download

PHPKode Guestbook is a simple yet powerful Free PHP guestbook script using Ajax.

Webuzo for phpicalendar

2.31 download

phpicalendar is an open source php application to parse and display shared i ...

Webuzo for SquirrelMail

1.4.22 download

SquirrelMail is a standards-based webmail package written in PHP

Webuzo for PhpGedView

4.2.4 download

PhpGedView is a revolutionary genealogy program which allows you to view and ...

Webuzo for sNews

1.7.1 download

sNews is extremely lightweight, simple and customizable

Webuzo for phpFormGenerator

2.09 download

phpFormGenerator is a an easy, online tool for creating reliable, efficient, ...

Webuzo for PHPfileNavigator

2.3.3 download

PHPfileNavigator is state-of-the-art, open source web based application to c ...

Webuzo for Simple PHP Poll

v2 download

Small and lightweight

Webuzo for phpESP

2.1.4 download

Create surveys, administer surveys, gather results, view statistics

Webuzo for Shutter

0.1.4 download

Shutter allows you to store and share your photos

Webuzo for RicarGBooK

1.2.2 download

RicarGBooK is a guestbook system written in PHP

Webuzo for phpCollab

2.5 download

phpCollab is an open source internet-enabled system for use in projects that ...

Webuzo for OpenNewsletter

2.5.1 download

OpenNewsletter is a web-based newsletter system

Webuzo for phpCOIN

1.6.5 download

phpCOIN a free WebWare package originally designed for web-hosting resellers.