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Webuzo for Elgg

1.8.19 download

Elgg empowers individuals, groups and institutions to create their own fully ...

Webuzo for FrontAccounting

2.3.21 download

FrontAccounting is an accounting system for small companies.

Webuzo for ZenPhoto download

a simpler web photo gallery

Webuzo for eFront

3.6.14 download

eFront Enterprise is an effective learning system that can make your HR depa ...

Webuzo for WordPress

3.9.1 download

WordPress is a state-of-the-art publishing platform with a focus on aestheti ...

Webuzo for CMS Made Simple

1.11.10 download

CMS Made Simple provides a fast and easy way to create a professional web site

Webuzo for MyWebSQL

3.4 download

Manage your MySQL databases over the web using a secure and intuitive interf ...

Webuzo for iQDesk

1.1 download

iQDesk is a unique software specifically designed for freelancers, small and ...

Webuzo for phpList

3.0.6 download

phplist is an open-source newsletter manager

Webuzo for phpwcms

1.7.2 download

phpwcms is a robust and simple but yet powerful web based content management ...

Webuzo for Adminer

4.1.0 download

Adminer is a full-featured database management tool written in PHP.

Webuzo for Pligg

2.0.1 download

Pligg is an open source Content Management System

Webuzo for SugarCRM

6.5.16 download

Sugar CRM is the worlds leading provider of commercial open source customer ...

Webuzo for OrangeHRM

3.1.1 download

OrangeHRM aims to be the worlds leading open source HRM solution for small a ...

Webuzo for SilverStripe

3.1.5 download

SilverStripe CMS is an open source web content management system used by gov ...

Webuzo for TCExam

12.1.023 download

TCExam is a FLOSS system for electronic exams

Webuzo for Piwigo

2.6.2 download

Piwigo is a photo gallery software for the web

Webuzo for Open Web Messenger

1.6.11 download

Web Messenger is an open-source live support application written in PHP and MySQ

Webuzo for Vanilla

2.1 download

Vanilla Forums are open-source, standards-compliant, customizable discussion ...

Webuzo for TinyWebGallery

2.1 download

TinyWebGallery is a free php based photo album / gallery

Webuzo for OpenCart download

The Super Cool Ecommerce Solution

Webuzo for The Bug Genie download

The Bug Genie is a bug tracking tool

Webuzo for Mantis Bug Tracker

1.2.17 download

MantisBT is a free popular web-based bugtracking system

Webuzo for MyBB

1.6.13 download

Its the easy to use, multilingual, powerful, feature packed, free forum software

Webuzo for Coppermine

1.5.28 download

Coppermine is a multi-purpose fully-featured and integrated web picture gall ...