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TED Notepad

6.1.1 download

... and enclosing lines, reversing, unique lines and duplicates counting, sorting, word wrapping and unwrapping. Plus it has filters architecture for user plugins and console applications. Application can stay on top ...

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JYL Order Suppliers

1.31 download

... of the inventories of the company and the counting of the losses. In the statistics you will find all the realized actions. By Downloading the software you have available a ...

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PredictBGL Insulin Dose Calculator

2.2 download

... G for Glucose, WaveSense Diabetes Manager, VitaDock, Carb Counting, Diabetes Pal, Diabetik, Dario, Diabetes Pilot, Easy Diabetes, to show which BGLs were expected compared to those that were unexpected. Regulated ...

New Version

InnerSoft CAD for AutoCAD 2007

3.8 download

... set of productivity tools for Civil and Survey, Counting, Estimating and measurements in construction project budgets. You can Export to an Excel Sheet the values of Area/Length property or coordinates ...

Rapid PDF Count

6.00 download

... drop support, save, load & append lists, continue counting from previous session, reporting options for text and csv files, sorting options, can validate pdf's to find corrupt pdfs, add and ...

New Version

Biggly Diet Software

4.0 download

There are many diet software programs for counting calories or for exercise software but Biggly is specifically built for BODYBUILDING. Workouts are covered in detail yet the software is very ...


2.2.1 download

... camera/webcam into the smart security camera. Supports people counting, car counting, motion detection, vehicle/pedestrian classification, camera events and alerts, ...

New Version

MixMeister Fusion for Mac OS X download

... tasks like beat matching, setting cue points, and counting beats in your head. It gives you the power to unleash your creativity and shape your music in a million ways, ...

New Version

Ad-Aware Free

12.6.1005.11662 download

... most downloaded security software. 450 million downloads and counting... Download Protection Scans your downloads regardless of the file format before they have a chance to damage your PC. ...

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Irregular English Verbs

1.0 download

... on-going record of the student's work is kept, counting the number of times each verb has been correctly given. This may be printed out. ...

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Routix NetCom

2.2 download

... (ETHERNET-frames) handling; - support incoming and outgoing traffic counting and handling; - support TCP and UDP ports handling; - support IP addresses handling; - support TIME-based handling (rule evaluates to ...


2.22 download

... displaying accurate information (e.g. its handle and reference counting information are totally broken). In addition, our WinObj understands many more object types. Finally, Version 2.0 of our WinObj has user-interface ...

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XWidget for Android

1.97 download

... whole online gallery (more than 1800 widgets and counting..) - More CORES supported like cpu, ram, calendar, photo album etc ported from the XWidget pc version (future updates) - Extra ...

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MixMeister Fusion for Windows download

... tasks like beat matching, setting cue points, and counting beats in your head. It gives you the power to unleash your creativity and shape your music in a million ways, ...

New Version

Weight Loss Program

1.0 download

Weight Loss Program is an easy-to-use software tool that helps you control your caloric intake and expenditure to change your weight. All you have to do is enter your current weight ...

SentiVeillance SDK Trial

7.2 download

... used in law enforcement, security, attendance control, visitor counting, traffic monitoring solutions. Some applications may require to enroll the users in advance (such as list of employees or watch-list of ...

New Version

Engelmann Media i-Studio

7 download

... self-created MP4-videos. These are the best prerequisites for counting on the store of own collections instead of commercial providers and for creating the desired contents yourself - using the right ...


19.06.29 download

... data in an expandable/collapsible tree view (no more counting pipe characters!). You can view messages from files containing one or many messages, messages pasted from the clipboard, or even search ...

New Version

TexTally Professional Edition

1.10 download

TexTally is a tool to assist typists to count the number of words, lines or characters in any document. If required TexTally can also be used to calculate a dollar amount ...

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LC Calories

1.0 download

... Android, Ios, Windows Mobile and PC Multiplatform calorie counting Count Calories free for Windows iOS Android and Linux LC Calorie is an App, free software to be used on Windows, ...

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Hermetic Word Frequency Counter Advanced

25.16 download

This software scans one or more docx, text or text-like files (e.g. HTML and XML files) and counts the number of occurrences of the different words or phrases (pattern matching can ...

CyeWeb download

... also has analytics features such as object tracking, counting, and unauthorized parking detection, etc. Furthermore, it can automatically insert tags into triggered events, and offer you a rich UI for ...

Line Count Software download

... a remarkable software tool developed to help in counting characters, words, lines and pages in Word, Excel, ... transcription and translation industry. The tool can carryout counting tasks for large number of files at one ...

Pagico Professional for Mac OS X

9.0 B3041 download

... difficult to set, and you might end up counting on an alert and risk missing an appointment. With the Daily Planning view, you can easily see everything scheduled for ...

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2.0.4 download

Use the computer and display you already have with our chronograph (stopwatch) and timer software to transform your pc into a virtual chronograph and timer. Our timekeeper download is great for ...

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