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Abs Exercises


This app has a variety of abdominal exercise videos for all levels. It is good for everyone who wants to strengthen their abs. Exercises are grouped in workout routines: 4 min beginner ...

Guided Meditations


... dramatically better the quality of sleep by meditating just before turning in at night. If you ... fall asleep at night, Guided Meditations might be just the tool you've been seeking. When the mind ...

Kettlebell Course


... All you need to start a healthy daily exercise with one of the most proven methods ever. The training will take you no time while gives you the body you ...

Relay Methods


... process of creating work procedures. Use photos, sketches, videos and text to communicate ‘best practice’, quickly and easily on your tablet device. Why use verbose text to describe a method ...



ACTIVE PROTECTION AGAINST BACK PAIN! Are you one of the 80% of people who’ve suffered from back pain at least once in their life? This ... and physiotherapists will show you how to alleviate back pain all by yourself and – more importantly ...