ActivePanda Downloads

First Grade Activities download

includes 60 educational games for 1st graders

Handy Toddler download

Encourage children to identify and repair broken objects.

Kindergarten Activities download

Educational game for your preschool children

Learn And Play download

is a collection of 40 exciting educational games for your kindergarteners.

Mermaid Preschool Lessons

1.1.6 download

Learn letters,vocabulary, colors, shapes, as well as numbers, counting, sorting

Panda Preschool Activities download

teach kids about colors, shapes, size, letters, numbers, words and math.

Panda Preschool Activities - 3 download

Educational game for Grades Pre-K and K

Panda Preschool Adventures download

invite kids to join in Panda's adventures

Panda Preschool Math download

Math game for your preschool children

Panda Preschool Words

1.1.4 download

The app includes many different activities related to letters and vocabulary.

Panda Supermarket download

Educational game for preschoolers

Second Grade Activities download

good educational games for second graders

Toddler Preschool Activities download

a collection of 70 exciting English educational games for toddlers.