New software reviews


(Apr 21, 2024)

I have been using Allavsoft for almost 9 year. It is easy to use and support all kinds of video and music websites.

SSuite NetSurfer Browser

(Apr 4, 2024)

Ever since I first installed NetSurfer browser and started using it, has become my go to browser a majority of the time. I am glad that I went for this choice when I was considering trying out Vivaldi browser.

SoftPerfect Network Scanner 8.2.1
Happy User

(Mar 25, 2024)

Superb time-saving tools for those who need to do network audit and to troubleshoot problems in the network.

SoftPerfect Switch Port Mapper 3.1.9

(Mar 4, 2024)

Quick and efficient mapping, user-friedly and easy-to-use interface, accurate results most of the time.

NetWorx 7.1.5

(Feb 27, 2024)

Truly good app for measuring and monitoring of the Internet connection performance. Speed tests, live graphs and report logs all easy to use.

SoftPerfect RAM Disk 4.4.1

(Feb 21, 2024)

What an excellent solution for my projects that generate billions of temporary files. Thank you!

DriverFinder 5.0.0

(Feb 15, 2024)

Found some drivers that I did not expect. Even with the free version.
Will try it a little longer.

SSuite NetSurfer Extreme x64 1.0..2.22.2

(Jan 6, 2024)

The fact they they have an undetectable YouTube Adblocker extension is amazing!!
A must have when watching YouTube videos.

NetWorx Portable 7.1.4

(Nov 13, 2023)

Really good app that helps to monitor and analyze the network connection. It shows bandwidth usage, data transfer rates, and other metrics. It is packed with features but is very user friendly.

NetGenius 1.1.2

(Oct 25, 2023)

I'm glad I came upon this netGenius app. It doesn't seem to be widely known, but I have no idea why. It's great for optimizing data consumption and for protecting privacy. It's like a firewall and traffic optimizer, two in one solution. Only very simple.

SoftPerfect Connection Emulator 1.8.1

(Oct 16, 2023)

This app was made to emulate various networks for testing and troubleshooting. But it seems to have an additional valuable use in gaming.

SoftPerfect WiFi Guard 2.2.2

(Oct 16, 2023)

Don't get confused by the name. This app will guard a cabled network as well as wifi. It will detect and let you know if any new, unknown, or unrecognized devices tried to join your network.

SoftPerfect Network Scanner 8.1.8
Great tool

(Oct 12, 2023)

This is a great tool for network administration, I've been using it for many years and can definitely recommend it.

SoftPerfect Cache Relocator 1.7

(Oct 5, 2023)

Super simple and straightforward tool fro moving all the junk created by browsers to RAM Disk.

SoftPerfect Switch Port Mapper 3.1.8

(Jul 17, 2023)

I was looking for an app that could show all of the MAC and IP addresses that are linked to the connected ports of each device. This one looks perfect!

SoftPerfect Switch Port Mapper 3.1.8

(Jun 20, 2023)

A great tool for identifying switch ports quickly and easily. The interface is a bit overwhelming, but thanks to it I have leaned some very useful skills.

SoftPerfect RAM Disk 4.4.1
Dirk van Reik

(Apr 28, 2023)

Softperfect Ram Disk makes a huge difference in performance and disk health for those who use other software that creates a lot of temporary data.

NetWorx 7.1.3

(Apr 19, 2023)

Perfect app for data monitoring. Lets me keep an eye on my usage and avoid going over the limit.

SoftPerfect Switch Port Mapper 3.1.7

(Mar 22, 2023)

Very user-friendly app that shows network topology and port connections.

NetWorx Portable 7.1.1

(Jan 24, 2023)

Definitely the best portable app for traffic usage monitoring