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2018.2.1 download

It enables blind or vision impaired people to access computers running Windows

New Version


2018.6.17.138 download

Enables you to detect and remove toolbars, adware

New Version

Hotspot Shield

7.9.0 download

Access the likes of Pandora and Hulu from outside the US

New Version

IIF Transaction Creator

10.18 download

An Excel add-i that allows you to export the data from an Excel worksheet

New Version

Zimbra TGZ Export to PST

8.3.5 download

Zimbra TGZ export to PST with 100% excellent result

New Version


1.20.42 download

A package of more than 200 portable freeware utilities

New Version

Radix SmartClass download

Control panel and interactive tools

New Version

Exchange EDB File to PST Recovery

3.0 download

EDB file to PST Recovery is good software to recover exchange EDB file to PST

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Dr.Web CureIt!

18 June 2018 download

A useful and reliable antivirus and anti-spyware scanner

New Version

Efficient Diary download

Free yet cross-platform, easy-to-use and powerful diary software

New Version


5.36 download

Timetabling program for schools, high-schools and some universities

New Version

Free Video Cutter Express

5.0.1 download

It lets you cut Video easily

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1.10.1 download

An open source software library for rapid development

New Version


3.1 download

SteelSoft's beauty software is a very good image processing software.

New Version

Free Video Splitter Express

3.0.1 download

It lets you Split Video easily

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Free Video to Audio Converter Pro

2.0.1 download

Convert various video formats into popular audio formats.

New Software

Free VOB Converter Pro

1.0.3 download

converts VOB to wmv, mov, flv, divx avi, xvid avi, etc.

New Software

Free WebM Converter Pro

1.0.2 download

Convert video to WebM VP8 format.

New Software

Free WMA Convert MP3 Freeware

1.0.5 download

Convert WMA to MP3 easily.

New Software

FreeStar Burner-DVD Software

2.0.1 download

burn data DVD easily

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