AlternateTools Downloads

Alternate Calculator

3.500 download

A handy tool for calculating math operations or currency expressions

Alternate Dictionary

2.800 download

Allows you to create a dictionary of your own for various words or phrases

Alternate Directory

3.980 download

Gives you extra space on your harddisk by deleting unnecessay files

Alternate File Move

2.170 download

A program that offers the possibility to synchronize two folders

Alternate Firebird Copy

1.610 download

Copy tables within two firebird or interbase databases

Alternate Password DB

3.010 download

A software application that allows you to safely store your passwords and PINs

Alternate Pic View

2.720 download

A software application that acts as a useful image viewer and editor

Alternate Pic View EXESlide

2.180 download

A program designed to help you create self-executing slideshows or GIF animation

Alternate Pic View Lite

2.720 download

A simple program to modify and create pictures

Alternate Quick Audio

1.950 download

An application that lets you easily record WAVs or MP3s

Alternate Task Manager

2.980 download

Lists all processes of your operating system

Alternate Text Browser

3.730 download

Offers the possibility to open multiple text-files

Alternate Timer

4.260 download

A program that will help you protocol any timing

DLL Analyzer

1.800 download

Allows you to to extract the available function names from a DLL-file