B Labs Downloads


2020.05.24 download

Blog about Bopup IM - Secure LAN instant messaging and chat software for office

Bopup Communication Server

5.7.0 download

Instant Messaging (IM) server for internal and encrypted business communications

Bopup IM Client SDK

1.2 download

Build your own, integrate, extend existing apps with instant messaging functions

Bopup IM Suite Enterprise Pack

5.6.2 download

In-house Instant Messaging (IM) software for encrypted internal communications

Bopup IM Suite Office Pack

5.6.2 download

Instant Messaging (IM) and chat system for encrypted and internal communications

Bopup IM Suite Standard Pack

5.6.3 download

Corporate Instant Messaging (IM) for encrypted and internal communications

Bopup Messenger

7.2.9 download

Office messenger for encrypted communications over corporate LAN and Internet

Bopup Messenger for Android

1.9.0 download

Communicate with mobile and desktop users securely via self-hosted IM server

Bopup Observer

6.0.9 download

Receive urgent messages and important documents over LAN and Internet

Bopup Scanner

2.1.9 download

Freeware LAN scanner that resolves NetBIOS, MAC, IP addresses, HTTP servers.