Canadian Mind Products Downloads


2.0 download

Safely converts ampersands to !& entities

Aquarium Sand Depth Calculator

1.1 download

Calculates weight of sand needed for an aquarium to achieved a desired depth.


1.4 download

BackupToZip is a simple backup program that mainatins a compressed mirror.


1.9 download

Java classes to encode/decode Base64 and Base64u

Biorhythms Calculator

2.9 download

Calculates and displays biorhythm graphs.


1.3 download

BraceBalancer helps find unbalanced {} [] or () in Java, CSS, C, C++ etc source


3.0 download

Brokenlinks is a tool to help you find and track broken links on your website.

Canadian Sales Tax Calculator

4.4 download

Calculates Canadian sales taxes: GST HST and PST today or in the past.

Chop and Behead

1.1 download

Chop head or tail off text file before/after a text marker

CMP Biorhythms

2.9 download

Enter your birthdate and this Applet and it will calculate your biorhythms

CMP Email Masker

1.9 download

Produces PNG files that contain your email address

CMP ISBN Validator

2.5 download

Proofread, interconvert, validate and tidy ISBN-10 and ISBN-13 references

CMP Wassup

2.6 download

A small tool that let's you know what's up with your Java environment

Common JDK 1.8+ Utility classes

3.1 download

common utility classes that work under Swing Java 1.8+


3.9 download

Compresses HTML by removing unnecessary white space.

Comparator Cutter

2.1 download

Generates custom Java code to implemet Comparable/Comparator interfaces.

Conversion Amanuensis

5.5 download

How to Interconvert any of the Java primitives. Conversion Amanuensis.

Credit Card Validator

1.8 download

A simple tool to demonstrate the use of the ValidateCreditCard class


1.1 download

Converts set of jpg, png or gif images to a common size e.g. for an animated gif


7.5 download

Java to read, write, align, sort, reshape, pack... comma, tab-separated files.