Chris P.C. srl Downloads

Chris PC-Lock

3.70 download

Chris PC-Lock - The best way to protect your computer privacy

Chris-PC CPU Booster

1.10.31 download

Chris-PC CPU Booster improves your CPU performance without any hardware upgrade

Chris-PC Game Booster

5.10.31 download

Chris-PC Game Booster - Makes your PC and Internet speed faster with 1 click

Chris-PC RAM Booster

5.10.31 download

Chris-PC RAM Booster - Boost memory efficiency and get faster applications

ChrisPC Anonymous Connection

2.20 download

ChrisPC Anonymous Connection - Protect your online privacy with just a click

ChrisPC Anonymous Proxy Pro

8.15 download

ChrisPC Anonymous Proxy Pro - Protect your privacy and surf anonymously online

ChrisPC DNS Switch

4.20 download

ChrisPC DNS Switch - Quickly change DNS for all your computer network adapters

ChrisPC DNS Switch Pro

4.20 download

ChrisPC DNS Switch Pro - Quickly change DNS for your computer network adapters

ChrisPC Free Ads Blocker

4.30 download

ChrisPC Free Ads Blocker - No more ads on YouTube. Stops tracking scripts

ChrisPC Free Anonymous Proxy

8.15 download

ChrisPC Free Anonymous Proxy - Enjoy your privacy and surf anonymously online

ChrisPC Free Video Converter

4.85 download

ChrisPC Free Video Converter AVI FLV MKV MP3 - Convert your files quick and easy

ChrisPC Free VPN Connection

2.07.08 download

ChrisPC Free VPN Connection - Bypass region restricted websites with one click

ChrisPC JTV Player

4.40 download

ChrisPC JTV Player - Enjoy watching and Veetle HD channels for free.

ChrisPC Media Streamer

1.90 download

ChrisPC Media Streamer - Broadcast over the internet and more...

ChrisPC Screen Recorder

2.40 download

ChrisPC Screen Recorder - Perfect software to record your desktop screen to MP4

ChrisPC Win Experience Index

6.06.05 download

ChrisPC Win Experience Index - Get back Windows Experience Index on Windows 10

ChrisTV Lite

6.75 download

ChrisTV - The Best way to control your TV Card, TV on your PC-High Quality Image

ChrisTV Online!

11.20 download

ChrisTV Online - Watch and Record FREE Internet TV on your PC

ChrisTV Online! FREE Edition

11.20 download

ChrisTV Online! FREE Edition - Watch FREE Internet TV on your PC

ChrisTV Professional

6.75 download

ChrisTV - The PVR that TAKES control OVER your TV Card with High Quality Image