DoGoodSoft Downloads

Ace Secret Disk

8.05 download

Effortlessly create one or more virtual secret disks on PC to secure vital data.

Ace Secret Folder

6.66 download

A magic folder encryption utility aims to secure important data and privacy.

Best Disk Lock

2.67 download

Protect data by disks lock in three levels, USB storage devices control and more

Best Encryption Expert

12.03 download

Protect files and folders with super fast, safe encryption and other options.

Best Folder Encryptor

16.97 download

Protect files and folders with quick, safe encryption and abundant options.

CHK File Recovery

1.15 download

A professional utility specializes in recovering CHK files quickly and simply.

Easy Folder Guard

9.01 download

Quickly and simply password-protect, hide and disguise folders for protection.

Magic Timed Shutdown

10.03 download

Manage computer by timed shutdown, PC management, time limit and other options.

PC Monitor Expert

1.65 download

Secretly monitor an object computer via keystrokes record, screenshots and more.

USB Encryptor

7.25 download

Protect data on USB devices by fast and secure encryption or disguise.