Infowise Ltd. Downloads

Associated Tasks Field

1.19.14 download

Turn any document or event into a full-fledged project

Color Field

2.6.6 download

A useful component you can use to extend the functionality of SharePoint

Connected Field

2.16.6 download

You can now create cascading master-detail relationships

Document Link Field

1.5.9 download

Link items to documents located in the same library


2.1.1 download

Greatly extends the UI capabilities of the regular SharePoint menu

Electronic Signature Field

1.10.3 download

Help you easily build a regulatory-approved system

Enterprise Capacity Solution

1.8.12 download

Provides a cross-site collection navigation and permission inheritance

Event Calendar Plus

1.12.5 download

A useful add-on for SharePoint that manages event classifications and more


1.1.1 download

Analyze your list data as simple and visually appealing graphs and charts

Infowise Approval Summary

2.0.4 download

Presents an aggregated view of items and files pending your approval

Infowise Birthday List

1.0.17 download

A useful SharePoint component that lets you display a birthday list

Internet Survey

1.1.1 download

A Sharepoint component for managing web surveys

List Search

1.12.7 download

Finding an item in a large list can be a grueling task

LOB Item Link Field

1.11.1 download

Easy-to-use lookup into a database-driven line-of-business application


1.12.3 download

Define multiple send profiles and design your own templates

People Search Pro

1.3.3 download

A useful addition to SharePoint that will extend its functionality even more

Random Image Viewer

2.1.1 download

This is a handy SharePoint component you can integrate in your projects

Smart Action Pro

1.33.11 download

Perform actions previously only available using workflows

Smart Alert Pro

1.27.3 download

Take the good old alerts to a new level in SharePoint

Smart ID Pro

1.9.0 download

Create custom document/item IDs according to your own business rules