SecurityXploded Inc Downloads

Advanced Win Service Manager

6.0 download

specialized software for smarter analysis of Windows Services.

Dll Hijack Auditor

3.5 download

Smart Tool to Audit the DLL Hijack Vulnerability

Firefox Password Viewer

11.0 download

Firefox Password Recovery Software


7.0 download

The Firefox Master Password Recovery Tool


10.0 download

Firefox Console based Sign-on Password Recovery Tool

FTP Password Sniffer

6.0 download

Universal FTP Password Sniffer & Recovery Tool

Hash Compare

3.0 download

Hash based File Integrity Comparison tool

Hash Generator

7.0 download

All-in-one Hash Generator Tool

Proc Net Monitor

7.0 download

Process Network Port Monitoring Tool

Process Heap Viewer

4.5 download

Fast Process Heap Viewer Tool

Spy BHO Remover

8.0 download

Advanced Spy BHO Explorer & Removal Software

SSL Certificate Scanner

12.0 download

Network SSL Certificate Scanner

SX Password Suite

10.0 download

The Complete Password Recovery Toolset

Vista UAC Maker

5.0 download

Make Application UAC compliant for Windows