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WhiteSmoke Software 2009

(Jul 28, 2009)

I have to give this site 5 stars with Excellent rating.
You may ask why
It works well. Very well. Corrects all my spelling mistakes and makes my work look good.
I learn something every time I use the software, because it give explanations of why the specific word is chosen....... That is something I have never seen or had the pleasure of.
I am not a computer wiz and had to contact the support. They were truly helpful and sorted out my problem.
The best part of this software is that is a one-time download software with no hidden charges.

WhiteSmoke Software 2009
Loreen Jacobs

(Jun 23, 2009)

Thanks to all the reviews below, I took my chances and purchased the WhiteSmoke software (since there is no trial version) OH,sorry, I do believe there is money back in 30 days, which means it was not a chance.
Not to worry about that, since, having downloaded the software, I have used it nonstop.
I am making use of the templates which answer most of the topics I need to cover. The tips of the day are useful to even the English speaker.
My English is almost as fluent as my Spanish, but I have the possibility of using the dictionary which translates to many languages, and in my case, the Spanish..... Great asset.
An English enrichment software such as WhiteSmoke, I have not yet encountered.

WhiteSmoke Software 2009

(Jun 7, 2009)

I simply love using the software and can highly recommend to all those out there who use the computer for whatever reason, to make use of this English correction software (or as it is called, Enrichment).
Quick download, one time payment, and to add to the benefits, the Support is amazingly helpful.
Nice and useful.
A good return on my money.
Try it for yourself!!!!!

WhiteSmoke Software 2009
Jacob Ladder

(May 12, 2009)

If I write bad, like I just did, WhiteSmoke corrects my mistake. It make the word bad....to badly.
Good for me who do not know such good English.
If I email the support group, they answer very quick. I am happy to find this software.

WhiteSmoke Software 2009
tammy simmons

(Mar 24, 2009)

Fixes all my mistakes and easy to use. Its a very helpful editor tool. Saves a lot of time when writing lots of email for work.

WhiteSmoke Software 2009
Danny White

(Mar 11, 2009)

I learned about this product in an online magazine my company uses (I am a real estate agent) and so I went and bought it. It has fixed so many of those mistakes I make but don't ever catch. I hate reading things over and white smoke takes care of that for me, I mean you do have to check to make sure that the suggestions are good because sometimes they won't be that accurate. But for grammar mistakes or things yo uare not sure about, WhiteSmoke's grammar checker relaly gets the job done.

Also the support is good. Supposedly they used to not be so great with this in the past but i heard from others who had installation problems that support is relaly reliable now.

WhiteSmoke Software 2009

(Feb 20, 2009)

I am a Vietnamese student. Now I am learning in Malaysia and my all subjects in college are in English. Writing essays is really difficult for me. I found a Trial of Whitesmoke software 5 months ago and I love it immediately. I bought one from a company in vietnam named Sobic (an agent of it). This software now becomes one of my best friend.

WhiteSmoke Software 2009

(Feb 18, 2009)

This writing program is something I use everytime I write in English. I learned to type in school but was nervous about grammar mistakes,. with White Smoke I am not worried that there are problems that I miss because it catches so much and gives good explanations so its better in the future. This is a good tool to have.

WhiteSmoke Software 2009

(Feb 11, 2009)

WHitesmokes cool cause it made me sound clever.,..i would of flunked without it.

WhiteSmoke Software English

(Feb 1, 2009)

I couldn't be happier with an online spell checker/grammar corrector. WhiteSmoke really delivers what it promises. I first got the 2009 version maybe 6 months ago and have seen improvements in my writing (even some colleagues have noticed). I mainly work with native-English speakers via the net and none of them have detected my Dutch roots thanks to Whitesmoke.

WhiteSmoke Software English

(Jan 28, 2009)

My goodness, what a life-saver! This product has helped me improve my writing, and send out emails so much faster than I was before. I have not heard of a product that does more for grammar and content, and trust me, I have asked around. The style suggestions are so useful, and the Text Enrichment is so easy to use! Love this product!!

WhiteSmoke Software English

(Sep 23, 2008)

It's a very helpful program, don't know what I did before I had it.

WhiteSmoke Software English

(Sep 23, 2008)

WhiteSmoke made my job much easer , i am a content writer for sites on the net, and now I don't have to be worried about grammar or spelling

WhiteSmoke Software English

(Sep 23, 2008)

there is no better grammar checker on the net i tell you , and i looked , i didnt want to pay for such servies but i have to say it was worth it.

WhiteSmoke Software English

(Sep 23, 2008)

Hi, i am an English teacher in China , and i heard about this program in the past, and I didn't like it.
Even so, i downloaded a free trial, and it changed completely, it helps me so much with checking my students work.
Whitesmoke even finds more grammar and spelling mistakes than Word.

I really recommend this software

WhiteSmoke Software English
the best grammar checker!

(Sep 23, 2008)

i use it everyday and recommended it to all of my friends.

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