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Apeaksoft Screen Recorder for Mac

2.0.8 download

Apeaksoft Screen Recorder for Mac makes it easy to record videos and audio played on Mac. The powerful video recording function allows you to save almost all videos to your Mac, ...

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HMS Diptera

1.95 download

... shift. FPS stands for First Person Shooter. FPS games provide complete immersion in the gameplay. In these games, the player completely merges with his character, which gives an incredible feeling. Download free FPS games and enjoy the game without restrictions! Download and ...

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Smart Games Pack

1.44 download

Set of three smart games - Freight Train Simulator, Color Bricks and Last Conundrum of Da Vinci Deluxe. These games will not let your brain relax for a ... Logic game, explosive mix of match-3 and Tetris-like games. Complete 67 levels of the ancient mechanical conundrum ...

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Heroes of Shaola

1.2.5 download

Zenman Empire is the largest nation in the world. It is located in the central region and surrounded by the bloodthirsty Martia Kingdom (formerly the Martia Tribes) in the north, the ...

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1.49 download

... hands of the Slender Man! Download free slender games and enjoy the game without restrictions! Download and play full version slender games for free!

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Firefox 64bit x64

69.0 download

... Cutting-edge speed If you enjoy games, you can now play some of your favorites right on the Web without sacrificing speed or overall performance. Firefox is leading ...

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1.073 download

... application load times, work faster and make your games run smoother. Now it's easier than ever to get a clean PC. TweakPower can quickly remove Windows, program and ...

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1.14.4 download

... offers you the opportunity to enjoy other famous games or movies using custom made maps: try your luck in the Hunger Games, explore the world of Zelda, fight using Pokemons

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3.10.0 download

... Record your gameplay in HD. Benchmark games performance. Action! outstanding performance and GPU utilization allows ... Action! you can capture multiple screenshots of your games or desktop. Just press a hotkey and screenshot ...

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Soccer Tactics

1.8 download

... to advance your team up the standings. Sports games simulate sports competitions. There are many simulators of ... cars, sports motorcycles, football, and other sports. Simulator games are designed to recreate a real activity in ...

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Substance Painter for Mac OS X

2019.2.1 B3338 download

... of effects, support for the newest consoles and games thanks to its Physical Based Shaders engine, while ... create comprehensive maps that can be implemented in games that use the Physical Based Shaders engine. Another ...

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War Thunder for Mac OS X download

War Thunder is a massive multiplayer online game that brings to the table planes, tanks, and ships that have historically accurate designs together with various environments for you to explore. The ...

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15.73 download

... DirectX based front-end for MAME, Zinc, Daphne, PC Games, and all command line based emulators, along with ... Music can be played and controlled while playing games. The jukebox can be integrated with iTunes, Windows ...

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1.9.3 download

... to tune the game to your liking save games using zlib compression for smaller sizes, while not interrupting gameplay significant internationalisation support. OpenTTD has already been translated into over 50 ...

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Sep 14 2019 download

... to the way you’ve always wanted to play games. Buy and download full retail games, from new releases to classics. Check out demos and trailers of upcoming games. And make yourself at home in a community ...

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Grand Prix Racing

1.96 download

... change camera - C, pause/exit - Esc. Sports games simulate sports competitions. There are many simulators of ... motorcycles, football, and other sports. Download free sports games and enjoy the game without any limitations! Download ...

New Version

Java Runtime Environment

8 Build 221 download

... a network. Java allows you to play online games, chat with people around the world, calculate your mortgage interest, and view images in 3D, just to name a few.It's also ...

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9.19.0218 download

... memory. · Experience GPU PhysX acceleration in many games and demos, some of which are highlighted in ... environments. · Improves performance of some PhysX enabled games on GeForce GTX 285 and GTX 295 products. ...

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Speed Racers

1.95 download

... higher in the Speed Racers' top list. Futuristic games take place in the near or distant future. ... high-tech cities set the atmosphere of these incredible games. Extreme games allow you to get the maximum ...

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Grand Auto Adventure

1.89 download

... and teenagers, males and females, who love small games. ...

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Star Battle

1.99.5 download

... against the alien attack and meteorites! First person games provide complete immersion in the gameplay. Adventure, war, or horror - in all these games, the player completely merges with his character, which ...

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Galaxy Invaders

1.97 download

... fire - mouse. Exit/Pause - Esc. In these games, one way or another there is space - ... the invasion of space invaders. All of these games have one thing in common - there is ...

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GZDoom for Mac OS X

4.2.1 download

... you the possibility to play the classic Doom games, and other titles based on the same engine, ... the possibility to experience the classic Doom shooter games on the comfort of your Mac, by using ...

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4.2.2 download

... with a video camera, as well as console games * Detecting and removing 2:2 pulldown (PAL) and 3:2 pulldown (NTSC) for movies and filmed television programs * Reducing video noise ...

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Dota 2

9th August 2019 download

Dota is a competitive game of action and strategy, played both professionally and casually by millions of passionate fans worldwide. Players pick from a pool of over a hundred heroes, forming ...

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