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Startup Product Manager

5.16 download

... IoT device. You'll also find a Small Business Simulation with 3/5/10 products, a multi-material Product Simulation, an App Developer, an IoT Device developer with ... and a Photovoltaic System intro amortization model. All Simulation Models are documented inline via ToolTips, showing formulas ...

New Version

Water Supply

5.16 download

The Water Supply Simulation is a calculator by Dynamic Applications that allows ... Well. Includes a simple House Water Reservoir Battery Simulation. But does it really make sense if we ... Water Supply includes the Bakery Tutorial, an introductory simulation that allows you to bake and sell your ...

New Version

Internet of Things Developer

5.16 download

The IoT developer simulation all about developing Smart Homes for every person ... Twitter, where you can vote for the best simulation idea as well as for the best platform ... a traditional desktop client, all you need. The simulation includes various calculation models from the most basic ...

New Version

Pirate Desire

5.16 download

... Vote. Pirate Desire contains a wide range of simulation models for the 21st century founder, from a Bakery Tutorial, to Simulation Models for specific purposes like, Water Supply, Apple ... century Truck Driver, an Internet of Things developer simulation, and even a realistic Photovoltaic System cost/profit calculation ...

New Version

Photovoltaic System

5.16 download

... on Invest (RoI) calculations, a Prosumer Electricity Trading simulation allows to determine the net profit in relation ... competitions allow everyone to vote on our best simulation ideas to do, as well as the product ...

New Version

Apple Tree

5.16 download

... Apple Tree plans it perfectly. Includes Apple Tree simulation, Bakery Tutorial, a Multi-Material calculator, a Water Supply intro simulation, Dynamic Idea and Roadmap Competition, and a freely ...

New Version

Business Process Manager

5.16 download

... Calcultor: a Bakery. You'll also find Small Business Simulations with 3, 5 and 10 products. Finally, the Business Process Manager Simulation includes a 10-Task work time optimizer. Finally, an exemplary Simulation for the service-based industry will introduce roles like ...

New Version

App Developer

5.16 download

... Account Balance. Dynamic Applications are fully Transparent. All Simulation Models are documented with ToolTips + online docs. ... Retweets and Favs on Twitter, on our best simulation ideas to do, as well as on the ...

New Version

21st century worldwide growth of Forest

5.16 download

Ever heard about the Greenhouse effect? - this simulation is looking post the climate discussion. How much ... Forest grow if we got more? - This simulation will allow you to check it all out, ...

New Version


1.1.1 download

... of study, research, experimentation and development of the simulation of a vintage Hammond B3 organ. It is ... wow & flutter Busbars and 9 key contact simulation Two separate sets of drawbars per manual Full ...

New Version

GNS3 for Mac

2.2.6 download

GNS3 is a graphical network simulator that allows simulation of complex networks. To allow complete simulations, GNS3 is strongly linked with : * ... platforms, IPS, PIX and ASA firewalls, JunOS. * Simulation of simple Ethernet, ATM and Frame Relay switches. ...

New Version

LTspice IV

XVII B Mar 25 2 download

... viewer with enhancements and models for easing the simulation of switching regulators. Our enhancements to SPICE have ... and electrical circuits, as well as run testing simulations before actually building the electronic components. The SPICE-like ...

New Version

TARGET 3001 download

... for PCB design. The integration of the schematic-, simulation- and layout data into one user interface, and ... TARGET 3001! itself consists of schematic, mixed mode simulation, contour autorouter, autoplacer, PCB layout, 3D view with ...

New Version

ActivePresenter Standard

8.0.4 download

... WMV, MPEG4/MP4, FLV), HTML, interactive AJAX and Flash simulation, or other document formats (PDF, DOC, PPT, XLS). ... easy-to-use authoring environment, you can easily create advanced simulations, scenarios or online documentation just by operating on ...

New Version


7.1.6 download

... can play car-racing like games intuitively. GPS location simulation. File sharing between Windows and Android. Fast APK installation by dragging and dropping. One-click android system creation / clone / deleting, ...

New Version

Orbit Simulator

9.0 download

... design your own space missions with initial conditions, simulation time, and time step size. You can also fire rocket motors in chosen directions for maneuvering. You can even use it ...

GSA Captcha Breaker

4.35 download

... will you have cutting edge decaptcher and death-by-captcha simulation power, you will be able to work with any other software that uses those services. GSA Captcha Breaker is incredibly ...

Autodesk Maya

2020.1 download

... 3D animation software Maya® 3D animation, modeling, simulation, and rendering software offers artists a comprehensive creative ... Bifrost Add froth, foam, and bubbles to liquid simulations. Faster, easier-to-use XGen Updated workflow, presets, sculpting, ...

Portable Stellarium download

... computation now accurate enough for eclipse or transit simulation). · Drawing of the 88 constellations with their names. · Mythological figures of the 88 constellations. · Textured displaying of more ...

Docklight RS232 Terminal - RS232 Monitor

2.3.26 download

Docklight is a testing, analysis and simulation tool for serial communication protocols (RS232, RS485/422 and others). It allows you to monitor the communication between two serial devices or to test ...

HALion for Mac OS X

6.4 download

... audio effects, including REVerence convolution reverb, VST Amp simulation and many more Up to 192 kHz, 32 stereo outputs and 6-channel surround support Cross-platform compatibility: Windows (VST 3, VST 2, ...

21st century Truck driver

5.12 download

... Time Ruler. and the 21st century Truck Driver simulation. At Dynamic Applications, we work to empower people. We are Sharing Economy. Follow us to gain. ...


3.1.22 download

... new algorithms have been developed to facilitate the simulation of large circuits, and to reduce simulation time; MacSpice provides a robust multi-parameter optimizer and ...

The Reverse Experience

2020.03.01 download

The Reverse Experience is a very special Reversi / Othello player. It includes a powerful game-search engine allowing for customization of the game's various play strategies. The computer will select from ...

CAPE-OPEN Thermo Import for Scilab download

... which is shipped with the freely available CAPE-OPEN simulation environment COCO Simulator. To get started with the SciLab CAPE-OPEN thermo import, type capeOpenQuickRef in SciLab after installation. SciLab CAPE-OPEN Thermo ...