memory in System Maintenance downloads

Wise Care 365

4.58.436 download

... system processes and hardware information like temperature and memory usage, etc. Wise Care 365 also includes the ... the speed up ball which can display the memory usage and CPU temperature. In addition, Avatars and ...

New Version

HLP Free Memory Optimizer

1.2.393 download

HLP Free Memory Optimizer monitors your system in the background and frees up memory whenever needed to increase the performance of your computer. If the available physical memory gets too low, HLP Free Memory Optimizer causes ...

New Version

PCTuneUp Free Uninstaller

5.1.7 download

... Over time, all these items take up valuable memory on your computer. PCTuneUp Free Uninstaller will completely ... program and its associated content to save valuable memory space. ...

New Version

Chris-PC RAM Booster

4.00 download

Chris-PC RAM Booster will manage your computer memory and page file usage more wisely than before ... of the full power of your computer's RAM memory. The software gives the option of setting the ...

New Version

Tweaking.Com Windows Repair

3.9.27 download

... features like automatic updates, an enhanced drive cleaner, memory cleaner, speed tweaks and more. This allows you to support future development and get something in return! Tweaking.Com - Windows Repair ...

New Version

Core Temp 32bit

1.7 download

... listing processor load or temperature as well as memory utilization. The readings are now color coded and they are user adjustable from the Options screen. Among these improvements the gadget ...

CCleaner Portable

5.28.6005 download

As USB sticks and other flash memory drives increase in storage capacity, so does their ... install it. Simply run it from your USB memory stick and you'll have immediate access to all ...


5.28.6005 download

... startup programs System information View CPU load, memory usage, full disks and over a 100 more essential stats! Predictive email alerts CCleaner Cloud warns you before problems occur! ...

5 award

System Information Viewer

5.17 download

... data about resource usage, processors, volts, temperature, power, memory, CPU and GPU (available and utilized), Cache-0 Latency, as well as others. ... Classic

17.3 download

... in control of the Windows start up process, memory monitoring and gives you the power to customize desktop and system settings to fit your needs. features the following tools: ...

Chris-PC Game Booster

4.00 download

Chris-PC Game Booster tunes Windows to use the CPU more efficiently, gets the most of your graphics card GPU, improves the network connection usage of your PC and decreases reads and ...

Advanced SystemCare Professional

10.2.724 download

... Professional works very well, and it uses minimum memory resources. It definitely has powerful features you need ... your system. New Performance Monitor can release memory by one click to smooth PC running within ...

GFXplorer download

... .Net Framework versions; Usablevisible and free RAM, virtual memory and system folders. Central Processing Unit (CPU): Manufacturer ... operative clock frequency; Socket type and total Cache memory (per level). System memory (RAM): Size, speed and ...

Top Process Monitor

7.8 download

... processes which are using most of your CPU, memory and critical components of your system. It can ... can select the to processes mode between CPU, memory, PageFiles, Virtual Memory, I/O, read, write, total read ...

5 award

Super Cleaner

1.8.9 download

... device cleaner and performance booster, featuring junk cleaner, memory booster, device optimizer, app manager. With this app you can free up storage, boost RAM, remove or disable unnecessary Apps & ...

Mirekusoft Install Monitor

3.0.517.3 download

... can find out how much disk, CPU, and memory your programs are using, and how often you use different programs. The program tree can show you which programs were installed ...

Process Explorer

16.12 Rev 3 download

... in DLL mode you'll see the DLLs and memory-mapped files that the process has loaded. Process Explorer also has a powerful search capability that will quickly show you which processes ...


7.0.0214 download

... includes detailed specs for Motherboard, BIOS, CPU, Devices, Memory, Video, Drives, Ports, Printers. It displays information about ... more, as well as real-time monitors for CPU, Memory, Page File usage and network traffic. SIW also ...

PCBrotherSoft Free Uninstaller

8.5.1 download

... programs may become unwanted and obsolete, occupying much memory space. With PCBrotherSoft Free Uninstaller, you can remove them in a fast way to save your hard disk space. ...

RAM Saver Pro

17.2 download

... increases the operation system performance by making more memory available for your applications. RAM Saver Pro will: - defragment system memory for faster access time; - increasing the efficiency of your CPU and Motherboard caches; - recover memory leaks from poorly behaved applications; - temporarily flush ...

WinUtilities Free Edition

13.24 download

... WinUtilities's Windows Optimizers keep Windows running faster. The Memory Optimizer ensures that memory is released properly when you stop running each ...

AndUtilities download

... contains utilities to clean your system cache, optimize memory and manage the apps installed on your device. it supports to uninstall the system apps, clean your call logs, SMS and ...

CCleaner for Android

1.17.67 download

... clutter ? Fast, compact and efficient with low memory and CPU usage Monitor your System ? Check the usage of your CPU ? Keep track of your RAM and ...

GPU Monitor

10.5 download

... your Vendor, Model, GPU (Clock Speed, Temperature, Usage), Memory (Clock Speed, Size, Usage), Fan (Speed, Usage), Shader Clock Speed, PCB Temperature and PCI Express. It does not require any 3rd ...

5 award

Fast Startup

5.3.8 download

... in the background to frees up more available memory (RAM), re-allocated for other system. The more memory your computer has, the faster it performs. It's ...