SecurityXploded Downloads

Email Password Dump

5.0 download

Free Command-line based all-in-one Email Password Recovery Tool

Emclient Password Decryptor

1.0 download

Free eM Client Email Password Recovery Tool

Enable Admin

1.5 download

Command-line Tool to quickly Enable or Disable built-in Administrator account

Encrypted File Scanner

1.6 download

Free Windows Encrypted File Discovery Software

Exe 64bit Detector

2.1 download

Command-line Tool to Detect if the Executable is 32-bit or 64-bit


2.6 download

EXE File Anomaly Detector Tool

Facebook Blocker

8.0 download

Free Tool to quickly Block or Unblock Facebook on Windows

Facebook History Spy

4.0 download

All-in-one Facebook History Viewer Software

Facebook Password Decryptor

14.5 download

Facebook Password Recovery Software

Facebook Password Dump

8.0 download

Free Command-line based Facebook Password Recovery Tool

FDM Password Decryptor

5.5 download

Free Download Manager Password Recovery Software

Fenrir Password Decryptor

1.5 download

Free Fenrir Pass Connect Account Password Recovery Software

File Time Changer

1.0 download

Command-line Tool to Change File Date and Time

Filezilla Password Decryptor

6.0 download

FileZilla Password Recovery Software

Firefox Autocomplete Spy

2.0 download

Free Firefox Autocomplete Data Viewer Software

Firefox Download Unblocker

6.0 download

Free tool to easily disable Malware Warnings in Google Chrome browse

Firefox History Spy

1.0 download

Free Software to View and Delete Browsing History of Firefox


11.0 download

Firefox Password Recovery Software

FlashFXP Password Decryptor

4.0 download

FlashFXP Password Recovery Software

FlashGet Password Decoder

2.0 download

Free FlashGet Downloader Password Recovery Tool