Skwire Empire Downloads

TIFFsy Turvy download

Extract multi-page TIFF files, apply rotation and export to jpg.

TrackErr download

Quickly find malformed, i.e. DRM, audio tracks in your collection.

TrayHostChecker download

Tiny application which periodically pings a configured hostname or IP address.

TrayLang download

Show icon in the system tray of the currently selected keyboard language.


1.0.6 Build 76 download

Developed to be an easy to use music / audio player

Video 2 MP3 download

Automatically extract the audio from a video file and make an MP3 of it.

Volt download

System tray-based hotkey volume control. Simple tray-icon skins.

Wallpaper Welder download

Use multiple images on multiple monitor setups

Waste Not download

Keep track of what's in the fridge and their expiration dates.

WHAT download

Assign hotkeys to activate/focus windows.