Skwire Empire Downloads

Album Printer

1.0.7 download

Build a list of artists and albums in your music collection

Anuran download

A peronal, unobtrusive, rotating, auto-prompting personal text log.

Arti (Aspect Ratio Tool for Images) download

Lists aspect ratios for images. Exact and nearest ratios are computed.

Barbecue download

Easily generate progress bars related to just about anything.

Bestimate download

Track predictions, projections, estimates... See how far off you were.

Birthdays download

A simple, straightforward app to help keep track of birthdays.

Boot Snooze download

Reboot and direct hibernate or standby your computer.

Chopping List download

Split the content of text files into multiple new files using a custom delimiter


1.2.2 download

Keep track of the clipboard

Comic Book Archive Creator download

Easily create Comic Book Archives (cbz, cbr, cb7, cbt)

CovArt Ops download

Quickly determine if folders have album cover art in them.

Deletist download

Delete files and folders sourced from a text file containing their full paths.

Dimensions 2 Folders download

Sort images into folders based on their resolutions. Three sorting methods.

Drive Letters Tool download

Change the way drive letters are displayed in Windows Explorer and other dialogs

Drop Zone download

Simple, configurable drop zones to copy and move files.

Earl download

URL to LNK (Windows shortcut) converter

epCheck download

Quickly view upcoming and archived TV series' episode title data.

File Bucket download

Create collection of files from various locations & copy them to a new locat

File Punter download

Use regular expressions to shift files into dynamically generated destinations.

Files 2 Folder download

Right-click a file and it will auto-create a folder and move that file to folder