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2024.2.8.84 download

Technical analysis & trading strategy development platform

Track Your Trades

2024 download

Generate Schedule D for your tax returns. Practical, yet powerful trader tools!

Wind Turbine

8.07 download

Wind Turbine is an Return on Investment Planner for Renewable Energies.

Nature Simulations

7.78 download

Nature Simulations - imagine a river from Black to Caspian sea.

Stock Sector Monitor

2.37.7 download

Personal financial software to monitor stock market industry groups performance


1.0.36 download

Multi-threaded MT4 walk forward optimisation, fast Dukascopy tick data download

Stock Ticker Application Bar

2.40.7 download

Stock ticker that shows scrolling real-time stock market quotes on your desktop

CoinLore Crypto Prices

1.0 download

Official desktop app of, check more then 12k coins.


1.02 download

Best Crypto Signal Application Get Free Signals Today.


2021.08 download

Stock Market AI prediction-simulation software intended for End-Of-Day traders

HFT Arbitrage Platform

1.0 download

Free Latency and Hedge Arbitrage software for Forex and Cryptocurrencies

Ethereum Tool

1.1 download

Ethereum Tool lets you create Ethereum wallet.

Forex Strategy Builder Professional download

Forex strategy tester, generator, optimizer! Tens of technical indicators.

Chart Patterns Tutorial

3.6 download

Chart Patterns Tutorial Software with Fibonacci Ratio and Pivot Point Calculator

Stock Predictor

1.1.361 download

Stock market charting and investment strategies backtesting software

DAXA-Chart Privat

15.0 download

German freeware charting software for analyzing shares and portfolio management.


5.0.11 download

vfxAlert is the assistant program providing the signals for binary options.

Stock Market Prediction Application

7.8 download

Stock Market Prediction software designed for investors and day traders

Stock Quotes Pro

1.55.4 download

Download historical quotes of stocks, indices and mutual funds.

Stock Predictor

1.1.361 download

Stock market charting and investment strategies backtesting software

Adaptive Modeler

1.6.0 download

Creates agent-based financial market simulation models for price forecasting.

Coin Balance Tracker Pro download

Coin Balance Checker that help you view the current balance history of any addr

Coin Balance Tracker download

View the current balance history of any bitcoin BSV/BTC/BCH address


1.0 download

The Crypto Arbitrage Monitor Software allows a trader to view arbitrage.


1.0 download

Trading Software for cross-connect trading between CryptoCurrencies Exchanges