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3.15.10 download

Allows you to make high quality VoIP calls via open SIP protocol

New Version


4.3.55 download

CTI AddIn for Outlook, Popup of your contacts by Phone number, Journal entry

TekPhone download

A SIP Soft Phone tool which is created to provide agent functions


1.2.1 download

Tekaba is a SIP media gateway (Based on RFC 3261) runs under Windows.


1.5.1 download

SIP Conference Server


1.8.1 download

SIP T.38 Fax Receiver Server


2.5.1 download

SIP Interactive Voice Response System


2.8.3 download

Command Line SIP User Agent for Windows


4.0.2 download

SIP Registrar and Proxy for Windows


1.2.1 download

SIPob is a SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) outbound dialler


1.5.1 download

SIP Softphone - [RFC 3261] user agent for Windows

GNU Gatekeeper (GnuGk)

4.6 download

A free H.323 gatekeeper to build VoIP networks

Files Phone Number Extractor download

Helps extract phone numbers from Word, Excel, Text, PowerPoint and PDF files.

Files Phone Number Grabber download

Extracts numbers from word, excel, pdf, powerpoint or publisher files etc.

Files Phone Number Extractor download

Phone Extractor software for documents. It can extract numbers from files.

Files Phone Number Extractor download

Files Phone Number Extractor extracts numbers from Word, PDF, Excel files.

Phone Number Grabber Files download

Tool adept at extracting phone numbers from word, excel, powerpoint, pdf files.

Skype download

Bundled with support for file transfers, screen sharing

CopyTrans TuneSwift

2.510 download

Easiest and safest way to move iTunes data to a Mac or any PC

SMS Enabler

2.7.0 download

Receive incoming SMS messages to a PC, Website and Database. Auto reply SMS.

Ecsow Dialer for Skype & SIP Trunk download

skype auto dialer, VoIP phone dialer


1.8.2 download

Displays your Android phone in a window on your computer

Cydia install

Cydia11 download

Cydia install is completely free service to support everyone to Download Cydia

Phone Number Grabber Internet download

Extracts phone/fax number from internet and saves in .CSV or .TXT format.

Phone Number Web Extractor download

Extract phone, mobile and even fax numbers from Internet