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3D Geometrical Objects

1.4 download

Represents prisms and pyramids in 3D space. Supports interactive 3D animation.


1.0SR1 download

A-Converter is a handy unit-conversion utility

AcaStat Mac

10.5.2 download

Inexpensive and easy-to-use statistical tool. Mac and Windows.

AcaStat Win

10.5.2 download

Inexpensive and easy-to-use statistical tool. Mac and Windows.

admaDIC Calculator

1.2.0 download

The platform independent and visually optimized solution for your calculations

Advanced Grapher

2.2 download

Plot and analyze graphs of equations and data

Analysis Center

2020 download

Audio Analysis Center, State-of-The-Art Spectrum Analyzer

AnEasyCalc download

the math interpreter and analyser, the RTF formula editor, latex generator

Automaton Lab 3D

1.0 download

Visualization of hierarchical 3-dimensional curves

Automaton Lab 3D Quantum

1.0 download

Visualization of quantum hierarchical 3-dimensional curves

BHD Converter Portable download

A Simple Tool To Convert Numeric Systems


1.1.0 download

Manipulate and perform different operations with bitwise decimal numbers

Breaktru Percent

7.3 download

Calculate the percentage, tip and discount calculator

Breaktru Quick Conversion

10.4 download

Easily converts several units of length, weight and capacity measures.

Calc Pro for Windows Phone

3.6.0 download

Create the perfect all in one calculator!


5.2.WIN32 download

CALCUL to practise mental arithmetic’s or fractions.

Calculation Made Easy

4.1 download

to teach children (even adults) Tables, Addition, Subtraction, etc.

5 award

CalculationLaboratory download

Mathematical program that can work with scripts

Calculator for Kids

1.0 download

Simple calculator for kids including basic math operations: addition, subtractio


1.15.260 download

Calculate/Convert everything with Calculatormatik.


1.2.1 download

CalculPro to practise mental arithmetic’s or fractions.

5 award


1.000 download

Pt100 , temperature , relative humidity , dew point , wet-bulb temperature etc.

Compact calculator - CompactCalc

4.2.34 download

CompactCalc is an enhanced scientific calculator for Windows


6.210 download

A nonlinear curve fitting program: Lorentzian, Sine, Power, Exponential series


1 download

Curvilinear: Easy Learning Plane Analytic Geometry, Visualizer