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LoriotPro Free Edition

8.0 download

Powerful graphical Windows-based SNMP manager and monitoring software..

PortExpert download

Monitor the currently running programs which require access to the Internet


1.0.5 download

Control Internet access of each application and optimise your bandwidth usage.

SoftPerfect Network Scanner

7.2.8 download

Fast multipurpose IP scanner. Supports shares, SNMP, NetBIOS, WMI, PowerShell.

SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager

3.2.10 download

A traffic management solution for cost-effective bandwidth control and QoS.


6.2.8 download

Monitor your bandwidth usage and the speed of all kinds of network connections.

NetWorx Portable

6.2.8 download

A powerful tool that helps you objectively evaluate your bandwidth situation

SoftPerfect WiFi Guard

2.1.2 download

Scans your network for unknown devices and alerts you about possible intruders.

The Dude

6.47.4 download

Scan your network, make a layout map, and start monitoring services

Managed Switch Port Mapping Tool

2.85 download

Find, map and identify devices attached to SNMP managed ethernet switch ports.

Network Monitor II

28.4 download

The Network Monitor II (wired and wireless) will show info about your network.

5 award

Capsa Network Analyzer

13.0 download

Packet sniffer (network analyzer) for network monitoring and troubleshooting

5 award

CommView for WiFi

6.5 download

CommView for WiFi is a program for capturing traffic on 802.11a/b/g networks

Softerra LDAP Administrator

2012.2 download

Softerra LDAP Administrator is an easy-to-use LDAP administration tool

Softerra LDAP Browser

4.5 download

Softerra LDAP Browser is a lightweight version of Softerra LDAP Administrator.

IPHost Network Monitor

5.1.14047 download

Distributed network & server monitoring tool (SNMP, WMI, websites, bandwidth)

Active Directory Reports download

Active Directory Reports LDAP Auditing Tool Supports Printing and Exporting.

AggreGate Network Manager

5.11.03 download

AggreGate Network Manager is an umbrella IT management platform

AdminToys Suite

1.8.1800 download

Complex remote management solution designed for your Windows-based network.

Procon download

Procon a service to stop banned applications


2020.01.208 download

The system for viewing the screens of remote computers


7.91 download

A multi-platform graphical Nmap frontend and results viewer

Proxy Log Storage Professional Edition

1.63 download

Fastest and most powerful analysis application

Proxy Log Storage Standard Edition

1.63 download

Fastest and most powerful analysis application

nProbe for Linux

9.1.200805 download

Keeps up with Gigabit speeds on commodity hardware