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1 Click & Lock

3.498 download

Secure your desktop when you step away from your PC

1st Desktop Guard

10.0 download

Stop users from changing desktop wallpaper and screen saver.

1st Disk Drive Protector

10.0 download

Protect your PC from abusive use of removable media.


1.01 download

ALARM plays a loud siren if A/C adapter is removed. Laptop theft protection.

abylon LOGON

15.90.1 download

Secure and comfortable windows access protection with physical key

abylon LOGON SSO Home

15.90.1 download

High secure and comfort through automatic Windows and application login

abylon LOGON SSO Pro

15.90.1 download

Single Sign-On for Windows and applications with smart card, USB stick or CD

Access Controller

3.314 download

Desktop locking security utility to protect desktop when you are not near PC.

Access Denied XP

1.2 download

Safeguard computer from unwanted access. Protect desktop and boot-up.

Access Forbidden

1.0 download

Instantly locks the access to the computer using a password or a pendrive.

Access Manager for Windows

10.02 download

Password protect your PC & Restrict access to to key features of Windows


4.4 download

Block access to USB, CD, DVD, Bluetooth, portable storage devices, mobile phones

Active System Locker

3.2 download

Computer Access Control Tool. Restricts access and protects your PC.

Admit One

1.52 download

Enable and disable all Windows access password prompts with just one mouse click

Adragon Firewall

7 download

access control,file monitor,registry monitor,deny copy/open/modify/find/print

Advanced Desktop Shield

10.02 download

Protect public access PCs, stop users from changing desktop wallpaper and screen

Advanced File Vault

1.03 download

Hide, password-protect, encrypt any file instantly by just clicking on it.

Advanced Internet Kiosk

7.7526 download

Build Internet kiosks, public access PCs, or in-store terminals.

Advanced Security Level

7.6 download

The Internet security, computer security and access control software!


2.13 download

Parental control content filter type software. Block or allow selected websites.

Aloaha Smart Login

6.0.133 download

Login to Windows or legacy Applications with Hardware or Software Token

Anti-Porn download

A net filter software to protect children from inappropriate web content


1.00 download

This free utility will hide your screen from undesirable eyes with mouse move.

Aquarius Soft PC Lock Up Professional

3.2c download

Computer parental control and PC access control software to lock up Windows.

Aston Secure Desktop

1.9.6 download

Aston Secure Desktop constrains the ability to alter the admin-defined settings.