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Calculator X8 for Windows UWP download

The most beautiful and feature rich calculator available for Windows 8. Switch between 3 different themes and use the calculator in scientific or normal mode. Open Themes in ... snap it to switch between scientific and basic calculator and switch between radian and degree calculations using ...

Calculator XL


Calculator XL gives you a huge calculator that you can calculate anything simply by just ... can also use the large sized buttons. Calculator XL works like magic by calculating your figures ...

MatGraph Calc


MatGraph Calc is an intuitive Graphing Calculator, Scientific Calculator, Unit Converter and mini-math studio all rolled into ... Gray" and "Star Theme". The Scientific Calculator has a large, four-line display which scales to ...


2.7 download

The smart calculator for Windows. Includes 5 unique calculators: Basic, Scientific, Programmer, Currency Converter and Unit Converter. Calculator² aims to innovate the pocket calculator by fully utilising the displays of Windows 8 ...

Asparion Calculator


A simple calculator. With a small scientific mode. Features ? Scientific mode ? Choose a style ? History ? Zoom to fit your screen ? Use your numpad ...

Window Gadgets Calculator


Window Gadgets Calculator is a simple calculator gadget that sits on your desktop. Window Gadgets are customizable mini applications ...

Gear Master

1.2 download

Unlike other gear speed calculators, Gear Master incorporates the primary reduction used in ... reduction ratio Motorbike or car use Tyre size calculator



Very simple and touchfriendly Calculator. Supports scientific mode. It has unit-converters which you ... will let you add units to the unit calculator too :), Features touchfriendly scientific mode ... term ~782 constants real-time calculation calculation history classic calculator share target for math terms from other apps ...

I Love Calculator


... looking for a convenient and easy to use calculator? “I Love Calculator” can perform both simple calculations and professional engineering ...

Screen Size Calculator


Screen Size Calculator is a simple calculator that allows user to enter Screen Resolution (TV ... of the screen and PPI (Pixel Per Inch). Calculator allows you to calculate screen sizes for up ...