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Free jQuery Content Slider Creator

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... maker with amazing transitions from Hi Slider is free for users to create stylish jQuery content sliders. The stylish transition effect of Hi Slider Free jQuery Content is highly appreciated by web developers/blogs. ...

free Joomla Slideshow Maker

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free joomla slideshow Maker (Hi Slider) is a powerful free joomla slideshow creator which aims to simplify the process of creating ... over 10 different kinds of transition effects 3.jQuery Slidershow Creator, JavaScript image slide for Joomla 4.Support to ...

Free HTML5 Slidershow Creator

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Hi Slider Free HTML5 SliderShow Creator (hi slider) is an awesome slidshow maker based on HTML5 and jQuery technology. In other words, it can ... more see: homepage Four simple steps to create HTML5 Sliderrshow. They are importing images (.jpg, .jpeg, .png, ...