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1.2.0 download

PlanetWheelShortcuts, is an incredible tool for shortcuts input, for example the operating system shortcuts or programs shortcuts, in the fastest way possible. It saves your effort in remembering numerous shortcuts ...

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1.2.7 download

With VoiceMacro your computer, application or game can be controlled by voice commands and/or by the press of a keyboard, mouse button or combinations of it, additionally you can start any ...

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2.2 download

AutoClose is a handy Windows freeware that gives you the power to specify how and when to close the running programs on your system. With AutoClose you get the choice to ...

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Sales Navigator Extractor For Linkedin

1.0.6 download

... LinkedIn. LinkedIn Sales Navigator Extractor is the best tool to get contact information from LinkedIn Sales Navigator according to your business needs. Benefits - You can get profiles data as ...

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iReboot download

... is NeoSmart Technologies' simple yet effective reboot helper tool. iReboot sits in your taskbar at startup (only taking up 400KB of memory!) and lets you choose which operating system you ...

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Macro Toolworks, Free Edition

8.6.2 download

Macro Toolworks is a powerful all-in-one automation software for Windows. ... events, time scheduler, file/folder changes, from user defined tool bars, etc. Macros recorded in the recorder (both keyboard and mouse ...

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Macro Toolworks, Professional Edition

8.6.2 download

Macro Toolworks is a powerful all-in-one automation software for Windows. ... keyboard hot-keys, mouse clicks/moves, time scheduler, file/folder changes, tool bars and more. Macros recorded in the recorder (both keyboard and ...

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PTFB Pro download

... your behalf. PTFB Pro auto-clicker is the perfect tool for getting rid of your computer's nagging requests to check for updates, to change your default browser, and to make sure ...

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DriverArmor download

If you are struggling with any kind of driver issue or having struggle to find suitable driver for system, then driver armor is perfect destination for you. Fast than faster system ...

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Facebook Automation - Facebook Auto Posting

6.8 download

FEATURES - Easy to fetch your groups list, friends list, pages. - Searching for groups by keyword, checking for status (joined, un-join, privacy open-close-secret group, members count, notify ...). - Easy ...

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2.1.2 download

ABC-Update is a FreeWare tool from ABC-Deploy. It can be used as a standalone tool, or in conjunction with software distribution tools like ABC-Deploy, MS SCCM and others. ABC-Update.exe have ... many admins really wants is what the ABC-Update tool is made to fill. ...

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Free Auto Clicker

1.0.2 download

... function integrated. Definitely, This is free auto clicker tool. Features 01. Start/Stop with hotkeys 02. Save/Load list co-ordinate 03. Dynamic Delay time random at runtime 04. Virtual Machine support 05. ...

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Advanced Task Scheduler download

... Task Scheduler offers a full set of scheduling tools that allow you to run scheduled tasks automatically, as a one-off, a specified time after system startup, or minutely to yearly. ...

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Aml Maple Portable Edition

5.35 download

Aml Maple is a new point of view at keyboard layout indicators: simple, modern, flexible. Aml Maple indicates the active layout being currently used (the language you are typing at this ...

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SPListX for SharePoint

7.16.3 download

... 2007 / 2003) in a single product. This tool helps SharePoint administrators keep non-SharePoint users in touch and updated with documents that are being shared and maintained in the SharePoint ...

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Perfect Keyboard Professional

8.4.0 download

... - Powerful editor with syntax highlighting - Syntax tool tips - Debugger - Dialog editor - Basic Script language help file with examples ...

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5.3 download

... such convenience when developing bots like Kibor. Built-in toolkit allows you to work with the graphics of ... free lines on the canvas using the pencil tool. Kibor has a built-in visual text recognition module ...

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External Data Connector for SharePoint

2.3 download

... source. It is used as a data synchronization tool to keep both SharePoint and non SharePoint users ... Connector a cross platform data and metadata synchronization tool. The query generator allows for selection of specific ...

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1.0 download

Buttoncommander 1.0 Automation Software is the best Shortcuts Toolbar Creator and Launcher for Desktop Computers, Laptops or ... touchscreen. you can make your own favorite Shortcuts Toolbars, Multi Clipboards, Virtual keyboards, Launchers, Tasbars. you will ...

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2.92 download

PointerStick is a portable tool that presents on the Windows Desktop a virtual pointer stick, for example for Presentations to highlight the current mouse position and the emphasis on presenting ...

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2.33 download

... an adjustable timer, it is the right desktop tool when the cursor is too annoying to them, ... or other programs, you can try this freeware tool though, as no installation is required, you can ...

Don't Sleep

4.14 download

Don't Sleep is a small portable program to prevent system shutdown, Standby, Hibernate, Turn Off and Restart. Especially when old Programs run on Windows-7 or Windows Vista. Here's more aggressive power-saving ...


2.96 download

... arbitrary activation options. It is the right desktop tool if the desktop is awash with icons so ... even if not, you can try this freeware tool. An installation is not required and if you ...


3.63 download

... time and spelling errors with this small Desktop Tool for Windows. Features: - Very small program - Selection of text fields by single hotkey - Multiple commands as a selection ...

Actual Window Guard

8.11.2 download

... only things Actual Window Guard can do. The tool allows you to minimize and maximize windows on ... as window's icon and title). What's more, the tool supports multi-monitor systems. Not only Actual Window Guard ...