security camera downloads

Airo Antivirus

1.0.25 download

... personal information. -Stop remote attempts to hijack your camera, keyboard, or mouse. -Keep your backdoors closed from ... layer to your Mac protection. You set your security standards, we make sure theyll be respected. -Delivering ...

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Windows 10

1903 B18362.30 download

... set of features and enhancements to improve performance, security, and it’ll help users be more productive. ... new features, such as image thumbnails, previews, and camera metadata of previously unsupported raw files in File ...

New Version


10.12 download

... mobile devices via MTP (Android, iPhone, tablet, digital camera) - Synchronize with Google Drive cloud storage - ... extended attributes (compressed, encrypted, sparse) - Copy NTFS security permissions - Copy NTFS Alternate Data Streams - ...

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Home Security Camera

1.0 download

Use YouTube for free video surveillance with Home Security Camera. Connect to existing CCTV infrastructure. Add just the cameras with simple step by step instructions. Identify and ... your children's attendance and friends without pressure Home Security Camera turns your PC into a video surveillance ...

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SentiVeillance SDK Trial

7.0.191272 download

... live video streams. Supports up to 10 IP cameras on one PC. Available as SDK (software developing ... and identification. Can be used in law enforcement, security, attendance control, visitor counting, traffic monitoring solutions. Some ...

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Prey Anti Theft & Find Devices for Android

2.0.0 download

... lost device, block it remotely. ?Front and Back Camera: Take silent snaps and discover who is holding your device. ?Screenshot: Check how a thief uses your device, and get their ...

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Prey for iOS

1.9.3 download

... Take pictures using the built-in front and back camera - Trigger a loud alarm remotely even if ... If you need even more control and phone security you can upgrade to a Prey Pro account. ...

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Homewatch DSLCam

3.0.0 download

... transform your PC and attached Webcam into a security monitoring system. You can set up one camera to watch for motion, and should there be ... alert. The button-driven interface and tabbed camera-configuration screens are user-intuitive so that most tasks -- ...

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Security Monitor Pro

6.0 download

... Software With Support For Multiple IP and USB Cameras. Security Monitor Pro is the perfect solution for complex security problems. It can monitor and record from up to 32 IP cameras simultaneously, create continuous video recordings, and preview multiple ...

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Firefox for Android

65.0.1 download

... version includes improved performance, the latest privacy and security features and a redesigned look and feel. ... APIs to access device capabilities such as the camera and telephony stack. Read about how to ...

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Rohos Face Logon

4.0 download

... is designed to add authentication convenience and additional security method to the standard Windows logon procedure. It ... and secure way by using any Windows compatible camera. The login of the user is performed automatically ...

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2.2 download

... examples: 1) turning something on/off, 2) get a camera photo, 3) send an email alert, 4) make ... OnSiteMonitor does not provide direct access to your cameras to minimize security concerns. Camera access is provided ...

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Undetectable Keylogger

1.2.48 download

... new version released! It's like a hidden surveillance camera pointed directly at your computer monitor! Undetectable Keylogger takes screenshots every minute and stores them secretly. You can get detailed visual ...

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Spy Patrol

2.1.16 download

... performs visual surveillance and acts like a hidden security camera! See more at Spy Patrol is compatible ...

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Intel AppUp(R) center

3.10.1 download

... touch-enabled apps to performance, always on always connected, camera-enabled and high-security apps, the Intel AppUp® center has ... apps and software for gaming, entertainment, education, social, security, productivity, photos, video and more. Don’t miss ...

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C-MOR Security Surveillance VM Software

5.13 download

The security surveillance system C-MOR works in a virtual machine. ... devices support • Support for many well known camera models like Axis, LevelOne, Panasonic, Sony and many more • Access ...

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IP Cam Soft Basic download

... Basic app allows view video from multiple IP cameras directly on your computer. Keep an eye on ... or employees parking area or anywhere you need security. Just set up an effective video monitoring system ...

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18.10 download

... has to offer. Ubuntu is designed with security in mind. You get free security updates for at least 18 months on the ... using MS Outlook. Photos Upload from your camera or phone to F-Spot. Manage, tag, share and ...

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Security Camera Recorder

5.2 download

If you have one or more IP cameras, then you also need a software that is ... a video stream from these devices. A modern security system should be able to work with multiple ...

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Security Camera Viewer

5.2 download

If you have one or more IP cameras, then you also need software that is able ... to the rooms in automatic mode. A modern security system should be able to detect movements using ...

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Plex for iOS

5.0.3 download

... Unlimited casting of photos and videos from the Camera Roll on your phone or tablet to all ... and restrict content those users can access • Camera Upload: Automatically upload your photos from your device ...

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Xeoma Video Surveillance Software

18.6.14 download

Xeoma video surveillance supports more than 430 camera brands (analog, IP, ONVIF, USB, H.264+, H.265+, MJPEG, ... Xeoma video surveillance software connects up to 1000 cameras to one server and works on Windows, Mac ...

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EyeLine Video Surveillance Software

2.06 download

EyeLine Video Surveillance Software puts the power of security in your hands. This powerful system provides peace ... EyeLine Video Surveillance can record up to 100+ cameras simultaneously. Motion detection recording saves space by only ...

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i-Catcher Console

6.2 B9 download

... i-Catcher Console uses a wide range of camera devices, including USB webcams, capture cards (for connection to conventional analogue CCTV cameras), and the latest network/IP video servers and cameras. Because of its modular design, you are not ...

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Home Eye

1.1.6 download

... app can turn your home device into a security camera. You get a genuine video surveillance system without having to pay a penny for IP cameras or DVR systems. The only thing you need ...

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