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Galaxy Invaders

1.97 download

... fire - mouse. Exit/Pause - Esc. In these games, one way or another there is space - ... the invasion of space invaders. All of these games have one thing in common - there is ...

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Robotek for Android

2.9.0 download

... tricks: homepage IN-APP PURCHASES Robotek is free to play supported only by optional in-app purchases. ... mode to play with friends Features FREE online MULTIPLAYER. Unique blend of strategy, action and ...

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Logans fight

3.90 download

In the year 2010 aliens start invasion on Earth. Europe fell down under superior aliens technical power and now the target is USA. Before total destruction of town only two man ...

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1.2 download

... sweat. Levels can be passed in different ways. Free to install and use, 7 levels, free update and support via email. Last updated on ...

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Last Space Fighter

1.9 download

... shoot, and shoot again. Shoot 'em all! Download free shoot 'em up games and enjoy the game without restrictions! Download and play full versions of shoot 'em up games for free! In arcade games you can enjoy ...

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Armadillo Foray

1.0 download

... - Fancy graphics - Unlimited game time - Free updates and technical support ...

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Jawbreakers Return!

2.2 download

... - Unlimited game time and game saves - Free updates and technical support ...

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Running Labyrinth

1.3.5 download

... your friends. Running Labyrinth is playable completly for free and there are no in-app buyable things. For using the online activity and the world wide highscores, a internet connection is ...

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Solbot Energy Rush For Android

1.0 download

... Challenging casual game for all age group -> Free and easy to play How to Play: -> Tap on left OR Tap on right to move robot -> Collect colorful ...

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Blocker Plains

5.0 download

... number of balls, 50 stone plains and a freely movable Blocker. The objektive of the game is, through fast clear away of the stone plains, to be accepted into a ...

Highway Pursuit

1.2 download

... its inspiration from a number of classic arcade games. It's an action-packed 3d blast along roads filled ... including forest, urban and desert Highway Pursuit is freeware -- you may download and play it for ...

Arcade Classics

3.1 download

... and play. The download has 15 of the games. Asteroids, Berzerk, Burger Time, Centipede, Dig Dug, Donkey ... Invaders, Super Mario Bros., and Tempest. All 1592 games can be downloaded from web site at ...


1.67 download

... you can. You have to move gem through free cells on the board. When 4 or more gems with same color will be connected in a row (horisontal, vertical or ...

Baseball Cap Chic

1.0 download

... a fun change from all the bridal makeover games, and the hats all fit really well which is not easy to do! ...

Universe of LIFE Sound

5.1 download

Universe of LIFE Sound illustrates the 3D reproduction behavior of microorganisms graphically vivid and acoustical audibly. Idea of the game is, to let beautiful graphic forms and surprising shapes originate from ...

Lace Wedding Dress

1.0 download

Natasha needs your help deciding which lace wedding dress she should wear! Anyway, Natasha has several gowns to choose from and she simply can’t decide which one is the right wedding ...

Pretty Pop Art

1.0 download

I do have a soft spot for pop art which is an art movement that uses elements from pop culture in art. It's easy to incorporate pop art in fashion by ...

Pretty Girl Dress Up

1.0 download

Good look of girls can only be kept by well dressing up.If you want to show your beauty on various occasions,you need to dress up carefully.Let's choose outfits for the pretty ...

Design Your Spa

1.0 download

A fun three room decoration game! If designing a spa is not your thing, don't worry! You can also design a beauty salon and decorate it with bold colors and wall ...

Sequin Fashion

1.0 download

To make an outfit sparkle, just add sequins! In this game sequins are not just for jewelry. Browse through the categories of clothes and other items and you'll find sequin dresses, ...

Graduation Season

1.0 download

Graduations are always important stepping stones in a person's life. It's a time to celebrate a milestone and think ahead, think about what the next step is. Will this young woman ...

Style Adventures Geek Style

1.0 download

Geek and nerd fashion has become a trend, who'd have believed it ten years ago! Glasses, t-shirts with ironic or funny statements. The clothes are more about being comfortable and look ...

Feeding Pigeons

1.0 download

Playing and interacting with animals is so much fun, watching them approach you carefully and see how they behave. This girl loves to feed pigeons but she is careful to do ...

Charming Girls

1.0 download

These girls from the town of Charming are out and about, enjoying the good weather and the scenery. Dress them both up, and do their make-up, for a day well spent. ...

Harajuku Streetshots

1.0 download

The Harajuku district in Tokyo has been a place to buy and be inspired by fashion since the 1970s. Fashion changes and the Harajuku inspired fashion in this game is is ...