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SentiVeillance SDK Trial

6.0.180562 download

... Java, .NET, C, as well as all necessary components (the biometric technology, camera support, network synchronization). The trial requires constant Internet connection. See also demo video at homepage ...

New Version

ShellBrowser .Net Components

6.0 download

The ShellBrowser .Net Edition is a set of UI controls that look and behave exactly like the Windows Explorer. The ShellListView and ShellTreeView controls imitate the corresponding parts of the Windows ...

New Version

Audio Sound Editor for .NET

7.1 download

Audio Sound Editor for .NET adds sound editing capabilities to multimedia applications and allows accessing and modifying audio data through several features: - Load/export from sound files in many formats - ...

New Version

Audio DJ Studio for .NET

10.1 download

... our Audio Sound Recorder and Audio Sound Editor components ...

New Version

dotConnect for MySQL

8.12 download

... services and offers Source and Destination Data Flow components for Integration Services *Support for ASP.NET Identity 1 ... SQL Server 2016 is supported in SSIS DataFlow components ...

New Version

dotConnect for SQLite

5.11 download

... services and offers Source and Destination Data Flow components for Integration Services dotConnect for SQLite supports SQLite engine version 3 and higher. IDE compatibility: - Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, 2010, ...

New Version

dotConnect for PostgreSQL

7.11 download

... services and offers Source and Destination Data Flow components for Integration Services *Support for ASP.NET Identity 1 ... SQL Server 2016 is supported in SSIS DataFlow components *Visual Studio 2017 is supported ...

New Version

dotConnect for Oracle

9.6 download

... services and offers Source and Destination Data Flow components for Integration Services * Support for ASP.NET Identity 1 and 2 * Sync Framework Support ...

New Version

dotConnect for Salesforce

3.3 download

... provider, and offers Devart Salesforce Source and Destination components for SSIS packages. dotConnect for Salesforce offers local ... designer - Entity Developer. * SSIS Data Flow Components Devart Salesforce Source component allows querying data with ...

New Version


14.0.33 download

... Document Imaging SDK delivered as .NET and ActiveX components enabling developers to compose, display, capture, edit and print documents into they applications. With GdPicture.NET your programs will be able to ...

New Version


2018.0 download

Alvas.Audio for .Net is an audio library written in C#. The collection allows C# and VB.Net developers to create applications that play (including mixed audio data), record, edit and convert sound. ...

New Version


4.0 "Wu&qu download

... The project is made of several components: * ffmpeg is a command line tool to convert multimedia files between formats. * ffserver is a multimedia streaming server ...

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Bytescout BarCode Generator SDK download

... SDK for .NET and ActiveX. BENEFITS: - includes components for desktop and web applications development: .NET class, ... - adds barcodes to PDF documents (no other components are required); MORE TECH DETAILS: - Includes 4 ...

New Version

Bytescout BarCode Reader SDK download

... JPG, PNG, TIFF images and PDF (no other components are required); * Dozens of ready to copy-and-paste source code samples are included; * Made with 100% C# code (optional source ...

New Version

Clever Internet Suite

9.1 download

... and ActiveX. The suite includes more than 50 components for Internet development and its code is constantly ... get: - The full sources for all suite components; - Royalty free licensing; - One year of ...

New Version

Database Comparer VCL

7.0 download

... as well. The library includes more than 25 components for Database development and its code is constantly being refined and improved. Features at a glance: * Can compare database with ...

New Version

dotConnect for MySQL Professional

9.5.483 download

... for MySQL stands out as the set of components with the widest support of MySQL functionality. ... using optimized code and advanced data access algorithms. Components undergo comprehensive performance tests and are designed to ...

New Version

TMS ToolPanels download

TMS ToolPanels are a set of components which helps developers to design Office 2003 or Visual Studio .NET like interfaces with multipanel slide in/out and docking from the form borders. ...

New Version

TeeChart Java for Android

2018 download

... financial and statistical indicators and 20 Chart tools components for additional functionality. ...

New Version

TeeChart for Java

2018 download

Java Charting component Library offers over 50 Chart styles, 30+ financial and statistical indicators and full set of Chart tools for additional functionality, like dragging series marks, annotation objects, cursors and ...

New Version

TMS Curvy Controls download

TMS Curvy Controls is a pack of Delphi components designed to enable you to create combo boxes in Mac OSX style. These components come with the capability of adding control with ...

New Version

.NET FTP Library

8.05 download

... is included that allows you to use both components from the same interface. Use the discount code FTPANDSFTP to get a discount when purchasing both. Why would you pay three ...

New Version

TeeChart Pro ActiveX

2018 download

TeeChart ActiveX includes 60+ Chart types in 2D, 3D to visualize data. From the common Line, Bar, Area, Pie chart to the field-specific charts like Candle OHLC, Point and Figure, Volume, ...

New Version

JavaScript Diagram

3.2 download

... control, JsDiagram includes miscellaneous Overview and NodeListView UI components. Other useful features coming out-of-the-box are Json serialization, automatic graph layout algorithms, automatic link routing. ...

New Version

ArtfulBits Blog

1.3 download

Professional Blog web part is intended to enhance the standard SharePoint blog functionality. It complements and extends it with the possibility of adding video or zoomable image and preview, providing tags ...

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