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Cut the Rope on PC

1.0 download

... monster, Om Nom. Collect gold stars as you cut the rope holding the candy. Discover hidden rewards and unlock exciting new ... Challenging your physics knowledge as you plan which rope to cut first. Slide your cursor across the ...

New Software

Cut the Rope for Pokki

1.0 download

A free Cut the Rope desktop app for your Windows PC. Play Cut the Rope for free, right from your desktop. Cut the rope to feed candy to little monster Om ...

Shuriken Ninja


Master the art of the Ninja Star! Get one of the top rated and most downloaded Windows Phone games on Windows 8! The ninja stars are physics based and will ricochet ...


1.0 download

As the saying goes: "Cut a wood by sawing with a rope, Little strokes fell Great Oaks". One day, you ... ebook, flash flip ebook etc, easy to make the common book more fashion and rich. So, how ...