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Microsoft Solitaire Collection for Windows UWP

1 download

... anyone. Just focus on clearing out of the cards from the table, or try to increase your score to rival your friends. Solitaire has been part of Windows ... just call "Solitaire." Try to clear all the cards from the table using traditional scoring or the ...

3D Belote Unlimited

1.0 download

... game. The Classic is a 32 set of cards played out to 4 players parted in 2 teams. The goal is straightforward: your team is committed to gaining more points than ...

Hardwood Spades

1.2 b22 download

... medieval theme featuring enchanting music and imagery. The playing cards are 3D, so they flip and turn as ... that come with the game or even build your own decks. Test your hearts-playing resolve against Smoot ...