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2020.0 download

Quelea is a free, open source lyrics projection package designed for use in churches. It's a relatively new project but is already crammed with features such as the following: ...


4.519 download

Songview comes with a file with some public domain songs. You can create your own file from scratch or import songs from a number of popular formats. Missing the words of ...


2.2.7 download

... using a projector, and much more! Great for worship leaders and musicians! Features: Live presentation of any song, specifying the order of slides, such as verse 1, then ...


2.4.6 download

... images, videos and even powerpoint presentations for church worship. Your church was just given a data ... go back to hymn books and just leave projection of song words to bigger churches who can ...

Worship Him!

4.63 download

Worship Him was designed to make video presentation for worship services fast fun and easy. With Worship Him, preparing for a worship service can take minutes instead of hours. Time ... importing songs from CCLI's Song Select or Integrity Worship Software, and automatic backups. Worship Him's multiple monitor ...


WebApp download

ServiceBuilder is a worship database program filled with thousands of worship songs and hymns, albums and specials, dramas, video clips, etc.<br /><br />With ServiceBuilder, planning a worship service in advance is easier than ever. Connect ...

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