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AutoKrypt for Mac OS X

12.02 download

... that will automatically encrypt or decrypt files and folders. AutoKrypt's encryption methods include password based, public and ... allows you to encrypt files or an entire folder and its subfolders. Decryption task allows ...

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Kryptel Lite

8.0.7 download

Kryptel backup feature lets you create encrypted backups that can be safely kept in insecure storage like a public Internet server. Even if your computer is physically destroyed, your data will ...

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Privacy Drive Portable

3.15 download

... all kind of pictures, videos, documents, files and folders, password protects sensitive information from unauthorized access. Using ... encrypt or decrypt each and every file or folder. When you are done, simply dismount the virtual ...

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Fast File Encryptor

6.5 download

... It can encrypt or decrypt files, contents of folders and contains a lot of additional tools. The ... Encryptor features the following tools: Encrypt File, Encrypt Folder, Often Used Files, File Shredder, Folder Drive. ...

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Privacy Drive

3.15 download

... all kind of pictures, videos, documents, files and folders, password protects sensitive information from unauthorized access. Using ... encrypt or decrypt each and every file or folder. When you are done, simply dismount the virtual ...

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2.31.870 download

... is synced to the cloud like your Dropbox folder. Access your encrypted files on all devices. We have BoxCryptor for Windows, Android and iOS - and even support Mac OS ...

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BestCrypt Container Encryption

9.03.12 download

... use for virtual drives and selected files or folders. BestCrypt encrypts files and folders on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux by ...

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5.3.0 download

... It allows you to encrypt files -and encrypt folders- of any type and size, on any kind ... any type and size, as well as entire folders and drives, from within Windows Explorer or My ...

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CryptoForge Decrypter

5.3.0 download

Decrypter is a portable, freeware, and easy-to-use app that allows the decryption of files encrypted by CryptoForge data encryption software. Decrypter is a stand-alone executable file that does not need to ...

New Version

Hide Files

4.6 download

Secure your confidential files and folders. Hide Files is a folder-locker utility. You can encrypt and decrypt your sensitive ... secret or embarrassing files. Hide your files and folders from prying eyes. Set your master password and ...

New Version

XBoft Folder Lock

1.1 download

XBoft Folder Lock is a secure and easy-to-use file/folder encryption ... especially suitable for encrypting large files or large folders. Perfect windows shell integration: The software is tightly ... the software. Lightning Speed: Even large files and folders can be encrypted and decrypted in an instant. ...

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S.S.E. File Encryptor for PC

14R2C download

... encrypt your private and confidential files or whole folders. The encryption/decryption process is simply done by dragging the selected file(s) or folders(s) to the application window. Files are encrypted using

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EaseFilter Folder Locker download

... being read,written,deleted, renamed, copied out of the protected folder, allow you to authorize or deny the file access to specific user or process, also allow you to hide the files ...

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MEO Encryption Software Professional

2.18 download

... is the password. * Encrypt or Decrypt entire folders of data * Windows Explorer right-click menu integration * Log all encryption operations automatically * Create and verify checksums (MD5, SHA-1, ...

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SFV Ninja

1.3.6 download

... all of the files. It recursively scan a folder for checksum files and load them all at once. It uses relative paths whenever possible when generating checksum files. ...

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MEO File Encryption for Mac

2.16 download

... ~ Intuitive simplified interface ~ Encrypt or Decrypt folders of data in their entirety. ~ Easily encrypt data with one mouse click. ~ Decrypt files that have been encrypted. ~ ...

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6.1.2W download

EncryptStick software allows the user to easily protect, secure and manage their sensitive files. Everyone has private information and files on a computer, laptop, flash drive, or some other portable storage ...

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Cryptainer LE Free Encryption Software download

... Software allows you to encrypt any file or folder on any Windows PC. Protects all types of ... type of data. Password protect any file or folder with strong Encryption. It allows you to protect ...

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Secure IT Encryption Software download

Cypherix's Secure IT File and Folder Encryption Software is an easy to use, feature packed program that protects all your files and folders using 448-bit strong Blowfish encryption. It includes a ...

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GiliSoft Privacy Protector

8.0 download

... Data : You can hide your private files folders and drives, to make them completely invisible to ... without password. Files and sub-folders in a locked folder are also protected. 3 Protect Data : The ...

New Version

Best Folder Encryptor

16.97 download

DoGoodSoft Best Folder Encryptor is a professional and mature file and folder encryption package. It encrypts files and folder with superfast, strong and faultless algorithms. You can choose from five encryption methods when encrypting a folder. Flash Encryption instantly encrypts a folder on a ...

New Version

GiliSoft File Lock

9.3.1 download

... but does not encrypt the protected files and folders, so it will never have the chance to ... File/Folder/Disk : You can hide your private files folders and drives to make them completely invisible to ...

GiliSoft File Lock Pro

10.8.1 download

... Military Grade Encryption Tool for your files. Lock folders on internal hard drive, flash drive, external USB ... card, pen drive, and network drive. Encrypt files, folders; Hide files folders and drives; Make files folders ...

Cryptosystem ME6

12.26 download

... operate on files not only in a specified folder but also in all lower folders (this is useful for encrypting an entire project ...

PowerCryptor Free Edition

1.05 download

... completely transparent. To password protect your file or folder, just right-click on it in windows explorer and choose Encrypt. PowerCryptor makes it as easy to open, edit and save encrypted ...