x64 cms downloads

dotCMS Community Edition x64

21.01 download

As an open source product, dotCMS x64 has an active community of user and project participants. We firmly believe that this community helps everyone achieve success on the web more ...

New Version

Plone x64

5.0.7 download

Plone x64 is a user-friendly powerful content management system. The ... and powerful intranet and extranet server. Plone x64 is a free, open source product, and has ... Plone Service Providers. FEATURES: ยท Plone x64 is very flexible and powerful. It is ideal ...

SView5 for Windows

3.86 download

SView5 is an image display, conversion and processing tool based on a rich C/C++ SDK with various capabilities, originally developed on Amiga computers and later ported to Windows, Linux and Embedded ...

Argyll x64

1.7.0 download

Argyll CMS x64 is an ICC compatible color management system, available ... provides support for more advanced usage. Argyll x64 is a collection of source code that compiles ...