faxmail in Fax Tools downloads

32bit Fax

16.08.01 download

Send and Receive fax from Single computer or Network. Adds a [Print to fax driver] to your all programs giving you access to all the fax machines in the world making ...

FaxMail Network for Windows

16.08.01 download

... in the world making them become your printers. FaxMail is a full-featured fax program that integrates seamlessly ... let the fax modem drivers do the rest. FaxMail can be run as an NT fax service ...


16.08.01 download

Send and Receive fax with single computer and modem or network with multiple modems. FaxAmatic will add a fax generating print driver to your system, giving you the ability to generate ...

32bit Internet Fax

16.08.01 download

... 32bit Internet Fax is unequaled. It is a faxmail management system, integrating FaxModem technologies into computer document generation. You can create very short and/or long faxes. 32bit Internet Fax supports ...

FaxMail for Windows

15.09.01 download

Send and Receive fax. FaxMail for Windows adds an [ElectraSoft Print to Fax] ... and design and save your own cover pages. FaxMail also includes a FaxBook that stores frequently used