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USBAgent x64

3.9 B2 download

USBAgent x64 can check your USB ports and run a program when plugging in or removing an USB stick. ...

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3.9 B2 download

USBAgent can check your USB ports and run a program when plugging in or removing an USB stick. ...

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MiTeC Task Manager DeLuxe download

... disconnect to their desktops. Desktop Explorer tool provides on-the-fly windows scanning under the cursor. It ... window properties and hierarchy. System Information tool detects installed hardware and reports it in simple ...

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2.26 download

Switch to other launcher windows through category index (click on title button), or through special Icons. Automatic drive letter handling on Flash Drives, CR-ROMs. Window size and settings can be ...

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5.0 download

KShutdown is an easy to use, handy, advanced shut down utility specially designed to enable you to easily manage the log off actions. You can now use this simple and accessibnle ...

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EF Process Manager

19.04 download

... you can see that Process Manager is the tool you're looking for a long time, it shows you the backstage of your computer, and more, it lets you control things. ...

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Start Menu X

6.32 download

Start Menu X is a replacement of the system menu for professionals. Power users are a lot more demanding, and it's not surprising - instead of a petty dozen of programs ...

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1.6.0 download

SmartPower is a Windows service that saves energy (and money) by hibernating and resuming your Windows PC according to configurable rules. SmartPower is particularly suited to Windows Home Servers, torrent/download ...

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LaunchBar Commander

1.154.01 download

... slightly different focus than some other launch bar tools: It's designed for power users who value ... with dancing icons, LaunchBar Commander is not the tool for you (but see the help file for ...

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2.22.1 download

... file-driven level, then perhaps Keypirinha might be a tool worth trying out. ...

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FileMenu Tools

7.5 download

FileMenu Tools allows you to customise the context menu of Windows Explorer. And it lets you: * Add some built-in utilities that perform operations on files and ...

New Version Hotkey Organizer

4.00 download

... entered before (like 'msconfig' for the Windows configuration tool or 'calc' for Windows Calculator), a full path to a file or a program or a website which is opened in ...

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Fences download

... they'll return. I'm a beginner. Is this tool for me? Yes. Fences is intuitive to use, ... fear. I'm an advanced user. Is this tool for me? In a big way. Fences is ...

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Quick Cliq

2.1.1 download

... a portable menu based application launcher and productivity tool with features that you wont find anywhere else! Quick Cliq speeds up your daily computer activities by giving you links to ...

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WX Smart Desktop 20 in 1 Plus

2018 download

... Moreover, WX Smart Desktop offers a 'Speed Mail' tool that lets you send mail messages to any address you want. All you need to do is enter your name and ...

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1.0Free download

... require install, its a portable and very useful tool. Any Windows version since XP, to 7 / 8 /10, etc Minimal requirements, 10MB hard disk space, 1 Gb Ram, any ...

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Agui download

Agui is a light and extensible launcher for Windows. By using Agui routinely, you can speed up your daily activities by a multifold. Features: - Access anything with concise keystrokes - ...

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1.3.475 download

... programs and web contents as you type. This tool makes it possible that you can access various ... from the list. Wox is a handy launcher tool that enables you to access multiple items on ...

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2.0.4 download

... an autostart-extension for all Windows systems (32/64bit). This tool can open any programs and files, once as a USB flash or hard disk in the computer is connected. You find ...

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WX Smart Desktop 17 in 1

2018 download

... Moreover, WX Smart Desktop offers a 'Speed Mail' tool that lets you send mail messages to any address you want. All you need to do is enter your name and ...


4.08 download

... know-how (knowledge) ! ProcessKO is a small useful tool to quickly kill a running or hanging process / program. It is not uncommon among developers or program-testers that the programs ...

PCTuneUp Free Startup Manager

5.1.7 download

... an easy-to-use system startup entry monitor and management tool. It shows you precisely what applications and processes are configured to run automatically during system startup or login and aims at ...

Programmer's Tool

1.3.2 download

Programmer's Tool is a utility to run common tasks using global hotkeys. It stays in the notification area (commonly referred to as the system tray) of Windows desktop. For example, ...


6.8 B6140 download

... a file manager, a web and desktop search tool, an app launcher, a clipboard manager, a jukebox, a calculator, an information browser, … or quite simply a tremendous time saver! ...

Clever Startup Manager Free

5.2.5 download

... be burden system boot. This free startup manager tool lets you centrally delete all of these auto-start entries using one single interface. Your computer will perform much faster if it ...