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Log Drafting & Soil Lab Testing Software

4.0 download

NovoLAB is designed for geotechnical lab test processing and borehole log drafting. It covers various drilling methods, sample types and several other features. Click on the above tabs to view more ...

Explorer Standard Suite

18.8.26 download

... quickly analyze a set of data for hypothesis testing, perform simulations, and perform text mining to extract meaningful ideas in data. ...

InnerSoft STATS

2.3 download

... compute statistics for parameter estimation and Statistical hypothesis testing. Descriptive Statistics: Mean, Variance, Standard deviation, Coefficient of variation, Quartiles, Percentiles, Skewness, Kurtosis, Mode, Interquartile range, Sum of Squares. One-Sample Test: ...

Elk for windows 64

0.8 download

... and interact with 3D earth map, depth viewer. Testing - In-situ testing (pressuremeters, static or dynamic penetrometers, drillings, logs), - Laboratory testing (triaxial, oedometer). Tests are imported, georeferenced in the