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Reprise Assistant

1.12.11 download

The program is designed to automate the many work operations on your computer

AutoHotkey download

Fast scriptable desktop automation with hotkeys

Game Turbo Booster

3.7 download

Turbo Booster optimizes your computer’s performance and makes your computer fast


11.5 download

Build robust automated tasks-Get trial license at


3.2 download

Close programs at a scheduled time or period automatically.


11.0.444 download

Keep programs running and restart them when they fail automatically

Silent Install Builder

5.1.4 download

Automate Software Deployment tasks in an Enterprise environment

Perfect Keyboard Lite

9.2.0 download

Assign key shortcuts to powerful macros, type faster, eliminate repetitive tasks

Perfect Keyboard Professional

9.4.0 download

Assign key shortcuts to powerful macros, type faster, eliminate repetitive tasks

Macro Toolworks, Professional Edition

9.4.0 download

Macro recorder and scheduler to automate any task in any application.

Macro Toolworks, Free Edition

9.4.0 download

Macro software with recorder and scheduler. Automate tasks in any app or web.

Macro ToolWorks

9.4.0 download

Create macros working in any Windows application

BOINC Monitor

9.94 download

A desktop gadget that shows the status of running tasks.

5 award


4.32 download

Buzof: Automatically close or minimize annoying windows.

Format SD Card Or MicroSD Card Software

7.0 download

Format multiple SD or Micro SD drives quickly.

CASH Interface2 keystroke edition download

The ci2.exe keystroke edition can send a keystroke on cash in, e.g. F5

File and Folder Watcher

4.1 download

Watch folders for new files (e.g. FTP), and trigger a custom action

MouseKey Recorder

2.0 download

MouseKey Recorder is a simple and powerful Mouse and Keyboard Recorder and A ...

SeleniumByGUI download

SeleniumByGUI runs and developed based on traditional Selenium!

Wise Auto Shutdown

1.7.8 download

Wise Auto Shutdown helps with PC shutdown, logoff, restart, sleep, and poweroff.


6.01 download

Paste quickly pre-defined text in any Windows applications via keyboard shortcut


3.03 download

Small and effective program for unlocking or deleting locked or protected file


1.04 download

An off timer prevents the PC, monitor and standby from being switched off


4.11 download

Portable tool that presents on the Windows Desktop a virtual pointer stick.


3.51 download

On the fly one or more non-compressible files, or maximum compressible files.