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Password Sentinel

5.6.0 download

... the most appealing features of the program is Security-enhanced password edit controls: Passwords Sentinel sets itself apart from other such applications by providing security-enhanced password edit controls. As tested, controls used in ...

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Password Depot Server

10.5.5 download

... that made a good impression during the comprehensive security test". Highlights of Password Depot ... protection of your sensitive data thanks to the security algorithm Rijndael 256-Bit! · Protection from keyloggers and ...

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Sticky Password PRO download

... united the growing company with a team of security industry veterans to create Lamantine Software in 2009. The team is credited with having revolutionized the security industry with the introduction the first-ever free antivirus ...

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Password Vault Manager Professional download

... government standard and is approved by the National Security Agency (NSA) for top secret information. Grouping Sessions in Folders: · To make management simpler, Password Vault Manager lets you ...

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7.9.28 download

... with military level AES encryption to achieve complete security. Features: · Save and fill password in Windows (WIN32) applications. · Non-modal AutoSave presented as a toolbar. · AutoSave: Show ...

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8.4.3 download

... gives your passwords and other personal data complete security (256 bit encryption), portability, and complete manageability. Passwords can be printed, synchronized between computers, backed up, and restored. With all new ...

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WiFi Password Dump

7.0 download

... displays following information # WiFi Name (SSID) # Security Settings (WEP-64/WEP-128/WPA2/AES/TKIP) # Password Type # Password in Hex format # Password in clear text By default it dumps all the ...

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WiFi Password Decryptor

8.0 download

... decrypted Wi-Fi account. * WiFi Name (SSID) * Security Settings (WEP-64/WEP-128/WPA2/AES/TKIP) * Password Type * Password in Hex format * Password in clear text You can quickly copy the password ...

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XenArmor WiFi Password Recovery Pro

1.0 download

... decrypts the passwords instantly. It also performs detailed security analysis of each recovered Wi-Fi profile and classifies ... Dangerous, Vulnerable, Warning, Good based on their password security configuration. Here are the benefits of WiFiPasswordRecoveryPro ------------------------------------------------------- ...

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4.0 download

OrgPassword is all that is required to keep your personal information in perfect order. It provides a number of categories, each purposed to keep a certain type of information so you ...

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Portable KeePass Password Safe

2.37 download

... For maximum protection you can combine all three security measures. The application also allows you to attach any file to an item from the database in order to view them ...

KeePass Password Safe

2.37 download

... are implemented correctly. Features: * Strong Security * Multiple User Keys * Portable and No Installation Required * Export To TXT, HTML, XML and CSV Files * Import ...

Password Safe

3.44.0 download

... XP, Vista, 7 and 8 Designed by renowned security technologist Bruce Schneier Over 4 million downloads ... using password policies that you control." With this security tool you can increase the protection of your ...

Password Manager Professional

3.2.705 download

... software application for storing passwords, access codes, social security and credit card numbers and other valuable information that needs protection. Protect your private data with this password management utility. Password ...

Netwrix Password Manager

6.618.849 download

... helpdesk. The product uses the question and answer security system for user authentication. First, users enroll by creating their profile. Once the profile is established, the user can manage their ...


8.1 Build 8114 download

... Password Lists, Expiring Passwords Management and Password Auditing. Security Administration - Site administration and governance. * End-to-end ... Support and User Acceptance Policy. Data Protection and Security - Ensures the integrity of your sensitive data. ...

Password Organizer Deluxe

4.12 download

Password Organizer Deluxe is a flexible password management software for Windows users. Our software solution gives you an easy way to gather and organize information about all your passwords, access codes, ...


7.53.20 download

... cope with logon screens that ask a different security question each time and the latest version even automates logon screens which ask for three different characters from your PIN, password ...

Asterisk Password Spy

6.5 download

... display real password in the login box for security reasons and instead they show the asterisks (****). But often there is need to know the actual password especially if you ...


8.4.1 download

... giving your passwords and other personal data complete security (strong encryption included), portability, and manageability. With all new Version 7 your RoboForm2Go supports Chrome and Safari browsers. Passwords can be ...

Passwords Max

5.95 B6017 download

... sites and secure applications. Implementing strong, consistent password security is easy. * All you need to ... 16MB or larger) without losing any of the security benefits of Passwords Max. * Friendly, helpful support ...

Password Manager for Flash Drives

1.01.61 download

Password Manager for Flash Drives has all the features of the desktop version of Password Manager, but runs completely from your flash drive. You can run this portable version from any ...

Password Manager

1.01.61 download

Store all your passwords in one place. No more remembering multiple passwords. You only need to remember one master password and then you have access to all your others. With one ...

Passwords Base

6.08 download

Today, as the Internet has become an integral part of the personal computer, you will need to enter passwords for access to different services. To get Windows network access, access to ...

Password Agent Lite

2017.7.27 download

... approved encryption, auto-lock & auto-close features for enhanced security, drag'n'drop, automatic backup, file history etc. Password Agent is resource friendly and efficient, its database files are very compact. ...