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Mathcad Prime

5.0 download

... 3.0 worksheets. Some variables are specific to individual calculation steps and some will be utilized throughout the ... in your worksheet without having to worry about calculation order. This makes both worksheet management and documentation ...

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2.2.7137.1 download

... 9-Exporting results to MS Excel format. 10-Presentation of calculation report with sufficient details. 11-Creation of profiles for ... of the software. 2-Download sample outputs. Note: The calculation report which is involved in the sample outputs ...

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5.7 Update 14 download

... rich Graphical User Interface (GUI), DWSIM allows chemical engineering students and chemical engineers to better understand the ... all. Even better, they can see how the calculations are actually being done - DWSIM is open ...

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GEUP 3D download

... is an interactive solid geometry software for math calculation and visualization. It allows to create dynamic and ... its particular cases. This property together with its calculation capability, enables you to study problems of different ...

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Double Pipe Heat Exchanger Design download

... from Microsoft Excel. +Export Results to Microsoft Excel Engineering Datasheet -Calculations- +Calculate unknown temperatures or flow rate ... +Duty, Clean and Design Overall heat transfer coefficient calculations +Pipe/Annulus velocities and Mass velocity calculations +Number of ...

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GEUP download

... for math visualization and to perform dynamic math calculations. It allows to create dynamic and general constructions/applications ... full potential to create interactive and dynamic math calculations and visualizations and you will discover new ways ...

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I3M_EN_2000 download

I3M is a Cost Engineering / Quantity Surveying software . The program gives ... *.pdf and *.i3m saving files ,2 methods of calculation ,settings for the variables precision ,English language help

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Kettle Reboiler Design

3.0.0 download

Perform thermal design calculations and analysis of Kettle type reboilers as well as preliminary sizing calculations, list of the main features: + Ability to ... includes 23 measurements units with 200-unit conversion + Calculation of Duty, Area, Tube length. + Calculation of ...

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1.1.6 download

... the following features:- 1) IBS Scoring System: Automatic calculation of IBS score based on the Malaysian Construction Industry Standard. 2) BIM-based: Axdea supports the use of Material and IFC file ...

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1.0.6755.3 download

... and portrait formats. - Test data and corresponding calculations are presented in a separate format. - Blank ... hydrometer tests based on user-defined criteria. - Hydrometer calculation using ASTM D7928: * Control cylinder correction: Correction ...

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TopoLT download

... terrain models and contours, fill and cut volumes calculation, raster image georeferencing and automatic printing. The ... functions that create 3D model and perform volumes calculation; · raster images can be transformed in order ...

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Cheewoo Nest 1D

2.4.2004.1037 download

... and parts with unlimited quantities in a nesting calculation. 2. Providing 4 type of the packing options ... length, limit packing rate). 3. Performing high speed calculation (e.g. performing time for 100 types of the ...

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Terra Excess

25.1217 download

Terra Excess is land surveying and civil engineering CAD software developed to be extremely intuitive. Even ... the volumes between them by using prism volume calculations. This is the most accurate method for estimating ...

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3.9 download

... standard equations in the following categories Physics, Electrical Engineering, Maths - Geometry, Maths - Statics, Dimensionless Numbers, CSTR and more. A unit conversion tool of over 30 predefined values and ...

Loadcalc 2017 Panel Schedule Trial

1.0 download

... performs panel schedules and service and feeder load calculations for commercial occupancies and single family dwellings. It ... Single or three phase. Commercial or residential. Load calculations and demand factoring according to occupancy type. Service/feeder ...

Loadcalc 2017 Panel Schedule

1.0 download

... performs panel schedules and service and feeder load calculations for commercial occupancies and single family dwellings. It ... Single or three phase. Commercial or residential. Load calculations and demand factoring according to occupancy type. Service/feeder ...

PowerNet Circuits

5.13 download

PowerNet is a smart electrical engineering design and analysis software for electrical contractors, consultants and other electrical engineering organizations. Use it for medium to large projects ...

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MITCalc Technical Formulas and Tools

1.22 download

... of basic formulas from physics, technology and mechanical engineering. Help, pictures as well as many selection tables ... Selection from a list of typical vehicles. - Calculation of forces. - Calculation of the load, energy, ...

MITCalc Welded connections

1.15 download

The calculation is intended for the geometrical design and strength ... connections stressed by various combinations of load. The calculation deals with the following tasks: - Design of ... U, L sections according to DIN/EN/ISO. - The calculation is based on data, procedures and algorithms from ...

Thermophysical properties - Thermo-Prop

1.4.11 download

... have been measured and compiled by Institute of Engineering Thermophysics and National Academy of Sciences. Features of ... * The most reliable thermophysical and physicochemical property calculations available. * Automatic calculation of thermophysical and physicochemical ...


1.73 download

... a multi-language set of mechanical, industrial and technical calculations for the day-to-day routines. It will reliably, precisely, ... the solution of a technical problem, or a calculation of an engineering point without any significant need ...

PowerStar Electrical

5.01 download

PowerStar Electrical, smart software for electrical engineering design and analysis applications. Use it for commercial ... parts of the circuit. Save time on circuit calculation, most especially fiddly calculations of combined line to ...

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Condenser Design

1.5.0 download

Thermal design calculations of Shell && Tube condensers for horizontal condensers, ... properties database (included!) +Save/Load results +Export Results to Engineering Data sheet (excel, pdf formats supported) +Export Results summary to Microsoft Word or Print Results summary. Calculations +Horizontal (shell side/tube side),Vertical (shell side/tube side) and ...

TARGET 3001 download

... Parametric component search within SQLite database · Assembly calculation and order · Variants of assembly within one ... to do it in TARGET 3001 · Reverse Engineering ...

Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger Design download

... easy to use tool which demonstrates the thermal calculations of Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers, The plate dimensions ... (included with full version) 5. Export Results to Engineering Data sheet, pdf or excel format 6. Temperature ...