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3.0.297 download

The spectacle of those distant lights racks both our brains and our eyes

New Version


1.4 download

Discotheek changes your screen into a night club spotlight.

Eguasoft Basketball Scoreboard

4.6.2 download

Show the score for basketball games on a projector

SVGO for Mac OS X

0.0.9 download

An easy-to-use tool for optimising SVG files, cutting size by up to 80%

Text Editor KS

01s download

Three options for saving text files. The text editor can speak the text.


2023.09 download

Create cross stitch, tapestry, beadwork, knitting

5 award

Aquarium Lab

2023.0 download

Track and Log aquarium parameters and post on your web site

Backup Maker KS

01s download

Makes chronological records of projects.

Reminder KS

01s download

The program can display messages on the screen and speak them


176 download

Provides a wide range of tools for processing plain text documents

Automation KS

01s download

Works with 8 automation commands.

Clock Speaker KS

01u download

Can tell the time, play music files and visualize clock faces.

SideBar Organizer KS

01s download

Works with 150 bars. With this program, you can organize all files and folders.

Reminder plus Actions KS

01s download

Can display messages and speak them, open files and hibernate the computer.

Expert Lotto

5.11 download

An universal and comprehensive lottery tool suitable for any numerical lottery.

Lotto Combinator KS

01e download

Generates combinations and checks them. Max: 2000 combinations.

Photo booth cash control system download

Add a cash system to the Breeze DSLR Remote Pro photo booth software

Sports League

4.6.4 download

Designed in order to serve as an easy to use sports league management software

Dance Competition

1.1 download

Software for ballroom dancing tournaments on the Skating system


2.31 download

Convert and edit GPS data with this simple utility

Meal Planning

3.2.2 download

Help you adjust ingredient portions and make a shopping list

Comic Seer

2.51.4 download

View, read, and manage comic (CBZ, CBR) files with ease

Pigeon Planner for Linux

4.4.0 download

A free and open-source pigeon database

Pigeon Planner Portable

4.4.0 download

A free and open-source pigeon database

Pigeon Planner

4.4.0 download

A free and open-source pigeon database